a fast forward update

So much to blog about and no time to do it!  Here's a quick bullet list of what I hope to blog about soon:
  • Mini reunion with college girlfriends and their families.  Awesome to reconnect.  Funny how you forget about mannerisms, but after 6 years you notice how people fidget/talk/express the same way!
  • Drive through Amish country and dine at an Amish run restaurant... on their MEXICAN night!  Too funny.  FYI:  Amish kids LOVE Hazel!
  • MISSED Hazel's 8 month birth anniversary!  Realized a day late... plan to take pics today!
  • Slept in new house last night!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Haven't officially signed yet, but it's still mine... all mine.  I like to randomly remind Jake that we have 3 BATHROOMS!  As a couple who has moved 4 times and never had more than one bathroom, we are obnoxiously happy about the number 3!  (though we slept there, the main floor is still all boxes of my grandparents' stuff, the kitchen needs a scrub, and we're still in limbo.)
  • Hazel seems to not sleep the first night in a new place.  She screams unless she is on my chest OR we are forehead-to-forehead.  Though I love her cuddles, it makes for a very non-restful night!  Looking forward to moving her crib today!


  1. Horray for moving!! I'm so excited for you guys!! I can't wait to visit your new digs and maybe get my hands into helping you guys remodel! I've been studying up on HGTV... I'm good with a paint brush and I think I could knock out an old wall or two;)


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