8 is GREAT!

I know!  She is growing like a weed!

A sneak peak at OUR balcony which overlooks the living room :)  Of course, I had to take these pics on the one morning when it wasn't sunny so please excuse the lighting!

Finally able to put my rocking chair to good use!  Hazel and I rock here each night, look out over our empire(10 acres), read books, nurse, sing, and snuggle.  It's true bliss! 

Where do I even start when describing this heavenly creature?  She is so FUN!  All it takes it a "peek a boo" or "HELLO" to elicit the most gorgeous smile.  She loves to be held upside down.  Her body literally convulses when Dada walks into the room 'cause she knows he's gonna play with her.  In fact, we're pretty sure she's been saying "DADA".  It's her favorite babbling sound, but often coincides with seeing or hearing him. 

Her new nickname is "the reacher creature".  She can lean over farther than seems humanly possible.  Believe me, more than one cup of tea has been knocked over (no burns thankfully!).  She just loves to reach for things!  In her bumbo seat, she can expertly turn the lazy susan to grab all kind of fun toys (napkin rings, salt shakers, butter knives...oh my!)

Sitting up is no longer a big deal.  There have been minor knee movements that will soon lead to crawling.  How can I be so excited about these milestones and yet want to FREEZE time?

We've been in our new place for almost a week and her sleep has magically doubled in length, predictability, and quality.  WOW!  I'm one step closer to sanity and where have those beautiful bags under my eyes gone?  Guess all she needed was her own space (where she can't smell mama's milk OR the cat litter).


  1. Did you or someone make the cushion on the floor next to the chair? Because I just used that fabric to make a bag in my sewing class! I love it!
    And Hazel just gets cuter and cuter, I don't know how that's possible!

  2. You hit the emotions of being a mother dead on! You love watching them learn and grow and become more active, but at the same time you hate that it all seems to happen so quickly.

    Now that she knows how to grab, it'll become even MORE fun when she figures out how to DROP things... ON PURPOSE! Our dog is now incredibly well fed as Caleb drops food over the side of his high chair and laughs and laughs every time! It's almost as much fun as peek-a-boo.

  3. JJ- my mom made that cushion and the chair cushions. I picked out that material before Hazel arrived and then various people made things for the nursery out of the Amy Butler fabrics. LOVE IT!

  4. She's so cute. And I can't wait to see the house!

  5. Her smile is so captivating! I love that her eyes smile too! She's so freakin cute!

    I'm glad sleep is getting better with your own space. :)

  6. Hooray for a space that is perfect for your family!

    "Excited about milestones yet want to FREEZE time..." Very bittersweet, isn't it?

  7. I see Jake's face in the third picture, there! Cute baby!


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