winter olympics

It's Valentine's Day and I thought I'd tell you about something that I LOVE... the Olympic games! I love the Opening Ceremonies, I love watching all the events, I love the heart warming background stories about the athletes, I love rooting for these strangers. I get nervous, teary, disappointed... a whole gamut of emotions.

However, I've clearly grown up because I can't help but be a wee bit cynical this time. The winter Olympians are pretty much all rich kids. Not that there's anything wrong with being rich, but I can't help but think about all the other people on this planet that, given the chance, could kick some skeleton (I'm referring to the sport, not the size of the ice skaters) butt!

Ok, I'm sure there are some stories of families selling their homes and living out of their RV so that their child star could practice their sport. However, for the most part... who really has the opportunity to try these sports to find out if they have mad skills? So, I will watch these snow birds and root for them, but I prefer the summer sports 'cause everyone gets the chance to run, but how many kids get the chance to ski/mogul/ice skate/biathlon (Jake would have been so good at that!)? Point made.


  1. That's what I was thinking when I was watching the opening ceremony. Especially for those countries who had one contestant and are warm areas. "Yeah, okay. That person had parents who vacationed in Switzerland."

    The other thing that kills me is that the people don't actually live in the countries that they represent. Oh well. Wish I could watch it anyway. It sucks not-having-TV.

  2. I read this blog and started to think about the whole rich kid winter Olympic thing...and I agree! Anyone can run, as nothing's required, weather- or money- wise, but for training in the winter Olympics, you have to have money to do any of the sports. I'm enjoying watching them though, but again, these people had/have money!


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