TGIF with a capital !

Exahustion.  That's the word for the day.  I keep stopping myself from feeling like a marytr for being so busy because I think about all the working mothers in the world.  HOW DO THEY DO IT?  I truly don't know!  I know working moms who would love to stay home and working moms who need the independence of their job.  I'm now a stay-at-home mom who spends all her time working ;)

Jake and I have worked it out for me to be a stay-at-home mom... for the time being.  I LOVE it and feel incredibly lucky in countless ways.  However, the past two weeks have been so busy that I feel as though I am working full-time, if not over-time.  Hazel's been a peach about it and hasn't given me any attitude for the lack of play time or yoga time or cuddle time.

Perhaps that's because we get hours of cuddle time each day.  HOW?  Exhaustion + 1/2 an empty bed 'cause Jake works the night shift = CUDDLE TIME!  I still put Hazel in her crib for part of the night.  But after a feeding or fussy time, it's just WAY TOO HARD to get back out of bed to walk her to her crib.  So, I plop her way over on her dada's side of the bed and fall promptly back to sleep.

However, before I know it, I'm sleeping in an awkward nonmoving position with a baby pressed against me.  I scootch over to give her more space and leading with her enormous head, she promptly reasserts her dominance over me.  So, I scootch over again just for the satisfaction of watching my baby wiggle towards me for a cuddle.  It's heaven, albeight with a stiff neck.

I've declared this glorious Friday to be a JULIE DAY!  I'm going to spend my time doing things for myself and my family trio.  And what personal day would be complete without sleeping in?  So, I nursed and cuddled the Haze back to sleep when she awoke at her normal time (7:00... which isn't that early, but I really wanted to sleep till 8!).  She obliged me and I was even able to slip out of bed for my shower without awaking her.  I stepped out of the shower not to the normal sounds of crying when she discovers that I'm gone.  Instead, she had awoken and found her little baby ipod that I had set next to her.  Jake's mom, aka Grandma B., gave Hazel a plethora of Baby Einstein toys, as well as the wooden and Haba toys that we suggested for Christmas.  I've now added those noisy toys to the ever-growing list of things I was WRONG about :)  Hazel loves that toy and can easily press the button to change the classical song while watching the light display on the toy. 

So, it might be MY day, but I will gleefully admit to being very wrong if that means I get extra sleep and a happy baby!


  1. Oh to be back in the days when you can leave baby unattended in bed! How I miss those days! Soon your darling daughter will be crawling and if you don't take a shower before she wakes up in the morning, you will have someone to take a shower with :) And always someone to watch you go to the bathroom. Once true baby mobility begins, mama's privacy ends :)


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