SEVEN is heaven!

Ok, seven is great, but heaven? Perhaps I need to be a little more real with the internet.

Hazel is seven months old today. The other day I was waiting for a LONG time (a hazard of being my Grandma's chauffeur) and I began scrolling through my cell phone photos. I could not believe the changes that have occurred in my little sweet pea! I would stare at her tiny face in those pictures and try to remember when she looked like that. So small, so different, a little alien. Ah, I am so smitten!

At seven months, there are fleeting moments when she will SIT UP... and then gracefully fall over (TIMBER!). She's begun a new adorable habit of chewing her tongue which is folded in half (proof that her dad's DNA is there... it's a genetic trait that I don't have!). She loves eating food (proof that my DNA is there.). Her menu consists of Earth's Best Rice Cereal, Banana, Sweet Potato, Avocado & Tofu. I'm introducing new foods every 4 days and have been able to use fresh foods thus far. So spoiled!

Her schedule is more predictable, however do to family and work obligations, I often have to disrupt her sleep/eat schedule. So that's a bummer.

Her personality is blooming and EVERYONE that sees her mentions her gorgeous eyes and how her smile lights up the room. Those of us that live with her know that she is a little high maintenance despite our attempts to not immediately respond to her cries/ requests for constant entertainment.

I just finished reading a novel in which the main character, a nanny, cared for 1-year old twins, redecorated the house, did all the grocery shopping, and prepared a healthy meal for the family each day. HOW? I want to yell expletives at this fictional character and beg her for advice. Yes, I've had a nasty cold for 3 weeks (Hazel's had a runny nose for 10 days... time to go to the Doctor). Yes, I am very busy caring for my grandparents, tending to the houseS (my parents, my grandparents, and my apartment) and trying to do some things for myself (exercise, friends, spending time with hubby). No, I am not a super mom and I'm trying to come to terms with that. However, Hazel adores me and she doesn't know that I'm not perfect... and when she looks at me with complete adoration and glee, I'm reminded that I don't care about the house, fatigue, or chores. I love being Hazel's mom.

Check back later (today?) for her 7-month pictures!


  1. Aw! Happy 7 month birthday Hazel! If your mama wants to really spice up your birthday, tell her to mix the avocado and banana together! It's actually very tasty (tastes mostly like banana) but you get all the extra nutritional value of the avocado :)

    I can't wait to see the photos!

  2. Happy 7 months Hazel! Julie, you have a happy wonderful baby I think that says a lot about your super mama abilities!


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