Mr. Kosker has a birthday!

God sent 6 inches of snow for Jake's birthday. I sent chainsaw chaps. I win! I also bought my future farmer his first John Deere TRACTOR! I am SO generous (ok, it's one inch big, but it counts!).

Y'all should have a fairly good idea about how much I adore my Mr. Kosker. He is simply awesome. For example, today my bread winner is baking a loaf of bread... with wheat grain that he ground himself this morning. Embrace your jealousy.

His fathering skills are exactly what I dreamed they'd be. Of course, he knows how much my heart melts when he and Hazel play together and so he lays it on pretty thick some days. My favorite times are bath time and first thing in the morning when Jake and Hazel have their alone time. I get to hear him singing to her (someone needs to teach this man the second line to Itsy Bitsy Spider) and her GIGGLES (she is so stingy with her giggles, but the few she gives are always to her dada!).

So, happy birthday my love. For the rest of you... enjoy these "birthday suit" themed pics!

It's unanimous, the girl is even more irresistible naked. This pic was taken after bath time, before lotion and massage time. Is it acceptable to be jealous of one's own baby?

Hazel's first time in a swimming pool! She is so brave. She soaks (har har) up every new experience- be it water, snow, flying, food, people... In case you're wondering if Jake dunked her (if so, you don't know Jake very well), YES HE DID and she didn't cry!


  1. Happy birthday, Jake!

    And good job, brave Hazel! Swimming is a terrific accomplishment!

    (And good job, Mommy, for recording and sharing it all!)

  2. I might be a little emotional these days but your blog brought a tear to my eye! So sweet! Happy Birthday Jake!!


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