89 things to be happy about!

A brand new week and a brand new smile! I don't have much time to post today, but am trying to show my sis that she's not the only one that can go on a posting rampage.

Here are some of the things I'm smilin' about:
*Hubby is off for a few days!
*Gpa turns 89 today! Gma turns 8* tomorrow ;) (I'm not gonna post her age 'cause I'm sweet like that)
*Gpa is leaving the hospital in 2 hours (to go to transitional care for a few weeks to help his hip heal)
*Dad is feeling good (despite the heart healthy recipes I tried to feed him this weekend that tasted more like toxic vomit)!
*Gpa and Gma's new home is being delivered TODAY! Great news for them and STEP 1 in the plan for the Kosker's to buy their current home (get it? They move into a gorgeous new double wide close to my parents and designed to help them live independently. Then, my little Kosker trio buys their home and we all live happily (albeit poorly) ever after!)
*I am please as Pete (is that a phrase or did I make it up?) with my recent splurge in which I bought the most expensive baby monitor at Babies R Us (Thanks to my cousin Lisa who gave me a gift card... does this count as the Thank You?). We can go 2000 feet away from sleeping Hazel and still hear her breathing! A must have for these future farmers :)
*My little Hazelnut is a really good eater thus far, but is a SLOB! I've been trying different bibs, but think I just discovered the answer! This looks like a great design for a bib and at $12.50 (1/2 of which will be donated to Haiti this month), I feel good about spending a bit of our precious nest egg!
*Yesterday I won another blog giveaway! Yes, my sister was the host, but I won fair and square! What did I win? Well you'll have to go to her blog to find out!

Have a wonderful day and find one thing...or 89... things to be happy about.


  1. So glad to hear good news:) Yay for February!! PS Grandma Hill is always 21!

  2. You're absolutely right---farmers need good monitors. It's easier to be efficient when you're not running to the screen door every five minutes to listen for crying.

  3. Pleased as punch? Pete? Who's keeping track :)

    Hip Hip Hooray for a new house for you, just means new adventure & fun!

    Ps... We LOVE the Baby Bjorn shell bibs. They have a catcher at the bottom, you can wash them over and over and over. And they last forever, honestly. Ours are 4 years old and they look brand new. Amazon has them!

  4. Yay! February is already better. Can't wait to see the pics from today. How about on G and G's blog?

  5. Might I make a bib recommendation? I've found the best bibs ever are those that aren't cloth (or are canvas covered in waterproof material) and have a little pocket at the bottom to catch the food. You also don't have to wash them after every use, you can rinse them off in the sink and lay them out to dry. We wash ours about every 2-3 days. They also sell these in a long sleeve version.


    I know these probably aren't what you'd call "green", but on the other hand, you won't have to buy as many and you won't need to wash them as often...

    Sooo... are you also making your own baby food? As a farmer and a conservationist, I think that's a requirement :) Not to mention it tastes better and is cheaper.


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