7 months and a skillful yogi

"Happy Baby", "Cobra/Bow" (a little unsure of the name of that one), "Upward Facing Dog"... have you ever seen such perfect form? You may notice the uber cool old fashioned baby scale... that's pushin' 18 pounds! The scale was found in Jake's grandparents' home. I LOVE IT! Baby #2 (who is not even a glimmer in my eye) will be photographed monthly on that scale!

She has gone from newborn to baby. Not sure when that happened, but the other day I noticed that I was carrying her on my hip! A major milestone! That's one of the great things about parenthood: being fully invested in each subtle growth. I never knew what a big deal it was to push up on your arms, roll over, sit up for a few seconds...

Hazel's stubborn streak has been waving it's flag this week. She seems to have a limitless capacity for screaming when things are not going her way (read between the lines: mama is not in her eyesight and/or holding her). So, when her dad or grandparents attempt to give me some J-ROK time... they end up rather tortured. Currently we're fighting it. It's her developmental need for her mama versus reality (nature vs. nurture). So far, nature is winning :)

I want to end this post by saying some more about Hazel's good qualities. She LOVES to be entertained and will smile at the slightest silly face or vocal inflection. She LOVES people (as long as mama is withing reach) and therefore is in heaven the three days a week when she helps me out with the after school tutoring program. She's also going to bed earlier and earlier. Last night she let her dad put her to sleep (after bath, massage, cuddles, and NO CRYING) around 7:30! WAHOO!

p.s. Marianne and Kelly and everyone else who was a little impatient for this post. SORRY :)


  1. I love it! She is such a cuttie! Enjoy the early bedtime! I remember an incredible sense of freedom when Eli started consistently going to bed at 7:30 and sleeping through the night. All of a sudden I could read, sew, scrapbook, watch TV, and, best of all, spend time alone with my husband again! I LOVE every minute that I spend with Elijah but I also love 7:30-10pm every evening!

  2. YAY for going to sleep without crying! I think every parent can relate to that.

    I was waiting for the "Hazel won't let me out of her sight" blog. Caleb started the exact same thing at 6 mos. We're now working our way out of that stage at just about a year old. That is my way of saying that this could take awhile to pass. Then the next thing you know, she'll be walking away and won't even look to see if you're following her. It's like flipping a switch! Gotta love babies.

  3. Yay for new pics!! I think Hazel is much more skilled than I'll ever be at Yogi!! I love the scale, super cute!!

  4. She's so super darn cute, Julie! I love her. I just wonder: Is she ever in clothes? ;-)

  5. Thanks Julie. :) I don't appreciate being called impatient!!!


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