Yes She Can!

I intended to write a pity post today about how my cat and daughter kept me awake all night. Well, except for the few hours in the morning when I gave in and let them both lay on me... then they slept very soundly. However, this morning I discovered why Hazel was up every hour... she was EXCITED!

Jake and I have always said that we are going to raise our kids to defy stereotypes! Clearly, Hazel doesn't need any help with that. However, someone needs to tell her that hiding her hand in her shirt makes for a creepy picture!

I know that I spend many hours day dreaming about our future home/ paint colors/ kitchen lay-outs/ project lists for when we have more money, however I had NO idea that Hazel was also preparing for the move. So, imagine my surprise when I discover that my daughter had plans to work with Tony, our neighborhood contractor/jack of all trades! The two of them have spent the morning clearing the site for my grandparents' future home. They've moved wood piles and trees without even asking if I want to try!

"Hey Mom, bug off! I'm trying to hang with the big boys and you're cramping my style!"

Operation Home Swap is well underway. Soon, my grandparents' new mobile home will arrive (our hope is that they can maintain their independence by living in a single- story, handicap accessible home) and after they move in... the Kosker's are buying their house!


  1. Yay! How exciting!! Good luck with everything! I hope it moves along quickly!!

  2. Love the picture with the hidden/missing hand! Juli giggled at that one.

    Please know that if you would like any extra hands getting your new home ready, Todd and I would be more than happy to come clean/paint/move stuff---whatever. We're so excited for your new space!

  3. that's so stinkin' cute. Wow! I'm excited about G & G's new house- and your renovation!

  4. How exciting! I'm so happy and can't wait to see the changes :)

  5. So excited for you! And if it weren't for the missing hand, that picture is the cutest thing ever! Hooray for new homes.


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