A winter baptism

Yes, she's standing though she didn't sink far enough to touch the ground.

Today we're off to Lutherlyn to baptize Hazel. Lutherlyn is where Jake and I met and is a huge part of our lives, so it seemed fitting to make Hazel an official Child of God there.

It's been a week of winter storms and I wanted to prepare Hazel for a true Pennsylvanian baptism...

Now that's what I call a snow angel! (she's on a swing)


  1. What a cute snowsuit! I hope that you're keeping all the cute stuff in case Hazel ever gets a cousin.
    Congrats, Haze, on your big day!

  2. What a perfect day...yesterday! Sun shining, making the snow sparkle, Cozy Redwood lodge., Beautiful candle for Hazel's baptism, ....it all was so meaningful to me and precious. And Hazel just gets better and more beautiful every day.

    Hazel Mari CHILD OF GOD!

  3. Congrads Hazel!! So wonderful to spend this special day with you!

  4. So I was sifting through your photos of your darling Hazel on facebook and found a link to your blog! So happy I found it because now I get to see adorable photos of your little girl. I LOVE her lamb outfit. Sorry I didn't get to see you over Thanksgiving, I really can't wait to meet her. Hope all is well!

  5. Julie!! I couldn't remember your blog and just found it again! Love that little snow bunny, she's beautiful!


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