pottery barn inspiration

My dad just walked in with the mail and I saw the POTTERY BARN KIDS catalogue! My palms get a little sweaty in anticipation. Just like that I morphe from my reduce-reuse-recycle self into a wanna-be Stepford wife.

Today, I made it all the way till page 11 before I felt the need to blog about my jubilee. My blogging inspiration:

The DROP CLOTH RUG! To make things even better (and a certain husband much happier), this isn't something that you can buy... nope, just a genius arts and craft idea! So, as soon as Hazel is old enough to break into paints... guess what we'll be making? I love this idea so much! Would it be too much to have one in every room of the house? I'll make sure they color coordinate to the room...

Now, onto page 27 with the two girls wearing sweater sets having a tea party. Cute, but never have I wanted to throw mud on young girls so much in my life! Poor Hazel, never will she have a friend over and be allowed to wear freshly pressed khakis with a sweater set.


  1. Yep. I love it, too. I've been wanting to make one for years. You go girl. Hey, on second thought, just smear that baby with fingerpaint and let her roll around. (Oops. That's the artist in me speaking, not the nurturing aunt.)

  2. LOVE the drop cloth rug idea!

  3. Oohh! I LOVE that idea... I'll just have to tuck that one away for a rainy day. I also love the craft table! I've been looking and looking for a used kids table set on craigslist so I can add a fresh coat of paint, attach a dowel (and a big roll of paper) on one end and have this nifty little craft table. I LOVE art so I'm trying to find fun ways to inspire Caleb.

    So cute! Who knew pottery barn could be so inspiring?


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