look for the silver lining

This is a tough time. Everywhere I look I see suffering. Haiti. A local double murder and suicide which affects many people I care about and the entire community. A good friend's father who is dying because of his love of the drink. A mystery illness in a loved one. Grandparents aging. And worries about my daughter and a heart murmur.

Yesterday when all of these things were coming to a head, I was the lucky one. After some tests, I learned that it was a false alarm! NO MURMUR! What a relief! I'd been fighting deep, dark thoughts for days, but it wasn't until I saw my husband's jubilee as we were leaving the Doctor's office that I saw the extent to which he had also been worrying. Now, don't get mad at me for not sharing this earlier... we saw no reason to 'cause you worry until it was confirmed that there was a problem.

So, while the skies are gray and the temptation to wallow in the negative is great, keep your eyes open for the silver lining...


  1. I don't know that I've said this before, but hooray for false alarms!

    And you're right, there's always a silver lining for which we can be thankful.

  2. wha??? i haven't heard about this community drama. what's the story?

    as for hazel, i'm glad she's okay. even if she had a murmer it's not always a bad thing. i have one, always have, and it's never made one lick of a difference. it just depends on the type and severity. anyway, it's definitely a tough time-but there IS a lot of good going on in the world, too!

  3. Jesus is our silver lining... and so glad you had good news! Thanks for the perspective!

  4. I am. I am.
    Hooray for Hazel.
    It's a depressing week- all 'round. Glad that you've found your silver lining, though!
    love you!

  5. I'm so glad to hear it's not a murmur!! You guys seemed so relaxed about it the other day but I knew you were worried. Glad to hear it's nothing to worry about:)


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