I am SO over January!

My friend, Shannon, just texted that title to me as she is hearing about my week. It all started last week when Shannon's father passed away. We are WAY too young to be burying our parents, and yet that is just me being greedy with life. I should be thankful for each day I have with loved ones instead of focused on wanting more.

This pales in comparison, but since I want a pity party, you need all of the details: Last week I was hit by the mother of all colds! It didn't stop me from going to FARMER SCHOOL however, I was just the annoying lady in the back with a baby AND constant sneezes. The good part about having a cold that day was that I didn't have kleenexes, just Hazel's flannel wipes. Why is that good? Because a dear friend had recently blogged about switching to hankies and I thought "sorry, Blue Roof, but that is just too green for me." However, I was wrong, I LOVED using the flannel wipes as my handkerchief instead of kleenexes! They feel better on the nose, they don't tear, you don't end up surrounded by nasty pieces of tissue...

Moving on, after my Farmer School (that doesn't fit my pity post topic, so more on that at a later date), I went to a family gathering at Jake's mom's house. I hadn't seen these Aunt and Uncles for over a year and yet I could NOT function. The cold had overtaken. Fortunately the cold subsided and the rest of the weekend was very nice.

Now my husband has the cold and has hardly been out of bed in two days. That's how I know it's serious, he hates being in bed (odd, I would gladly spend a day in bed at any opportunity!). And the SADDEST part... now Hazel has the cold!

She been a lump of misery since the middle of the night when she awoke full of mucus. It must be so miserable for her and she just doesn't understand it. As I write this, she's trying her hardest to breast feed, but can't figure out how to do it without breathing through her nose. Oh the tears... and mucus...

The icing on my pity cake: The week has been dominated by 2... oh make that 3 in few minutes... ambulance rides for my loved ones (Gpa fell on the ice and fractured bone perilously close to his artificial hip. He's on his way back to the hospital due to an increase of pain.; My dad is working in Michigan and thought he had my chest cold... however after a few days and a lot of worry, he took himself to the ER and now has a new stint in his heart! He's recovering nicely and should be feeling better than he has in months by the weekend! YAY!).

I would like to erase the past two weeks from history. Any takers?

Now I will wrap up my pity party with an exuberant GOD BLESS YOU!


  1. bah humbug. I feel the same way.
    Only a few more days. . . February has to be better!
    I'm thinking of you, Julie. Sorry to hear that it's all so suck-y.

  2. Amen Sister! I might crawl into a hole until February comes! I hope your grandpa's pain is easily managed and your dad continues to do well. It's amazing what they do for hearts these days!

    I'm thinking about you guys and hope for the best in February!

    Lots of love!

  3. I'm sorry your month is stinky :( That's no fun at all. As for poor Hazel, have you used a suction bulb to suck the mucus out? It's miserable and could be considered torture, but I think it's physically impossible for a kid to nurse with a stuffy nose and it generally makes everyone happier in the end. Maybe that'll help make your day a little easier.

    Good luck!

  4. I'm sorry Jan's been so awful - but I will say that 2010 isn't off to a good start for anyone:( You're all in my prayers.

    Love you!

  5. Dad & Grandpa are going on our prayer list.

    So sorry about the stinky cold making the rounds. Glad that Hazel's wipes saved the day! You made me laugh with your handerchief description. Thanks for the link!


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