for the birds

This week marked a change in my schedule. For the next few months, I will be spending 3 afternoons a week running an after-school tutoring program for Elementary kids. It's a WONDERFUL program which has a volunteer: student ratio of about 1:3! I'm thrilled to have a reason to put on something other than yoga pants and to have a brainteaser to constantly be working on (how can I improve the program? how can I help the kids improve in school?). The major perk: Hazel can go with me!

This week also marks the first time I've had a cold in over a year and Hazel received some shots which gave her a little fever and without going into too much detail, there was an episode involving an early morning feeding that ended with mama and sheets covered (I'm not exaggerating! I was fresh out of the shower and the sheets had been cleaned two days previous. We became water wasters that day!) in baby poo. GLAMOROUS life, eh?

So, after a kinda hectic week for this baby and SAHM (stay at home mom), Hazel and I enjoyed a little relaxation this morning. She sat on my lap quietly chewing on Sophie the Giraffe while we both watched the birds fluttering and feeding around all of the bird feeders surrounding my parents' living room. The room is 95% windows and it was so much fun watching Hazel's head turn to follow the birds!


  1. The tutoring program sounds like a fantastic opportunity! Everyone wins---the school, because they get your expertise with children; Hazel, because she gets to be with Momma; you, because you get to get out. (In addition, you will have a wonderful addition to your resume, should you want one.)

    Love the picture! There is a wonderful picture book for children called "Counting is for the Birds", I think authored by Frank Mazzolo, Jr. Fantastic illustrations, great counting book for 1-10, names all the common feeder birds. I'll see if I can find it on Juli's shelf before you come on Sunday. (Can I tell you how excited we are for your visit?!!)

  2. did you get enough tutors? i could try to help if you ever need a sub:) i love tutoring!!!

  3. awww. I love that picture. And the feeder.

  4. THANKS! I love that pic too! I think I'm getting better :)

  5. Wait you took that picture?! Nice work!! Enjoy your new job!


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