brain sucker

Ok, between pity parties and Hazel updates, I fear that my blog has become a little dull. I think of brilliant blog topics throughout the day, but when I catch my fleeting moments of computer time, all I seem to think about is how I should be changing a diaper (sweet potatoes and bananas have made that chore a whole new experience!) or cleaning a toilet (I currently tend to 5... and I still don't own ONE!).

Yikes, I'm doing it again aren't I. Well, it's important that you know that Hazel is thriving on solid foods, not that that helps her to sleep any longer through the night. YES, my almost 7 month old does not sleep through the night... bring on the bad mama comments and then shove a banana up your.... Oh my, where have my manners gone?

Through it all, life is still good. Right now Hazel is sitting in her bouncy chair in an outfit that coordinates PERFECTLY! It's the little things like that that make me feel in control and with it-
like a magazine mom. It's those little things that distract me from the fact that I'm behind in the laundry and wearing a holey pair of sweatpants.

And as for a post that's not about Hazel... I'll try again another day :)


  1. thanks for the laugh. you are not a bad mom just because she doesn't sleep through the night yet. and by that, do you mean she's not sleeping the five to six hours that defines "sleeping through the night"? because then you might want to worry just a leeeetle bit. for her sake. but i don't want to shove anything down your throat ;) so good luck! and i thought i was the only one who gets my kids all dressed up and clean while i continue to roam in pj's. glad i'm not alone.

  2. Yay! Glad to hear she's enjoying solid foods. Before you know it she'll be set with out your milk jugs and we can spend a weekend in NYC! :)

  3. I think you are wonderfully funny. Thanks for the laugh!

    And we love hearing about the cutest girl baby. That's what good writing is; it captures where you are.

  4. Hazel does sleep for a 5-hour chunk... most of the time ;)

  5. Good luck my dear! It's hard not to share those cute pictures, or tiring moments! Just wait, when she starts talking you'll want to share every word!

    We love reading it! :)


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