recognize this?

"Solve World hunger... tell NO ONE!"

Hint: I heard this familiar line while decorating my Christmas tree. It's so wrong, but brings me so much cheer :)


  1. 1. Yes. I recognize it. It's Jim Carey as the grinch. Hilarious. Do I win a prize.
    2. You're decorating your Christmas tree already? Don't you like needles left on the tree by Dec. 25th?

  2. I think I give up. Where is it from?

  3. This is my favorite xmas movie! I wanted to watch it over a month ago, and Ross said I had to wait until thanksgiving was over, so I waited and waited, until Thanksgiving finally rolled around, I planned our movie night shortly thereafter, sat down w/ excitement, got comfy, then realized we don't even own it! humph.


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