May your days be jolly...

I'm sitting here listening to 4 of my favorite people in the galaxy play a game. Yes, my Krumich relatives have taken over the house! Tonight, we're having a fondue for 15! That's a lot of cheese (and wine...and Kirsch).

So, I can't write much (if you feel relieved about that... HUMPH!). However, after two nights of laughing until I cry (one night with Lutherlyn friends and one night with my family), side splitting guffaws, and an almost constant smile on my face... it's time to put it out there... PEOPLE ARE FUNNIER ON THE EAST COAST!

I had been told this before and never brought it up because I didn't want to anger my Oregon friends. But, it's TRUE! Yes, I know funny Oregonians, but it IS different here.

One of my (Oregon) coworkers told me once that they read an article in which Tina Fey talked about developing her sense of humor growing up in Philly and it reminded her of me. I make no claims to be anywhere near Ms. Fey, but I think there's a shred of truth in a cultural sense of humor.

Time to rejoin the party!


  1. Yay for laughter:) I'm glad that the East Coast is funnier! Glad to hear you've had such a nice holiday weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh. I didn't see this post when it was added- a bonus for me. And yes, you're right. East Coast people are funnier, though we have that reputation of being stuck up.
    (I lift my nose to that.)


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