A great first Christmas

Here are a few photos from Hazel's first Christmas. I'm not gonna post pics of her presents because that might make me feel guilty and then I might do something crazy like box them all up and send them to Africa... along with the broccolli I didn't finish the other night.

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Clockwise: H with Gma and Gpa Baird; Gma Kosker putting on H's baby ring; H enchanted with the Christmas trees' candles; H playing with wrapping paper; the Kosker Christmas Eve portrait; H showing her bloomers and wearing Santa's hat; H with cousin Phoebe; cousin Kaelen in his snow fort; H getting ready to decorate the Christmas tree; Dad, Aunt Amy, and Willem preparing for a fondue feast; cousin Kathe lovin up some Hazel; proving you're never too old for a snowball fight (the FL Krumichs featured); Willem aiming for the photographer; the fondue party guests (Krumichs from PA, VA, LA, FL).


  1. awww. I can't stop staring! Looks like a wonderful holiday!

  2. I think Hazel is the gift that keeps on giving. She has added a beautiful dimension to your life as a family.


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