a Christmas gift

I've mentioned my friend, Whit, on this blog a few times. She is a life-long friend and I can say with complete confidence that she will always be my friend. She is also Hazel's Aunt. Not biologically, but an Aunt just the same. She is my stylista and soon-to-be decor consultant. (Her home looks like what would happen if Audrey Hepburn shopped primarily at Pottery Barn.) She is also a photographer.

Never one to hesitate from taking advantage of a friend, we pried ourselves off of the couch for a few hours during Thanksgiving (a huge deal!) and had a photo shoot. My grandmother and mother have saved a few baby outfits for the past few generations and so we had fun dressing Hazel up. Though the lighting was a problem, Whitney worked her magic (without photo shop!).

My mom bought this outfit in Switzerland. My first Christmas pic is in this outfit :)


  1. Love, love, love the pictures!

  2. Those are great photos! You can really see her beautiful eye lashes in the last photo;) I love her new expressions!

  3. I remember seeing pics of you in that red outfit! So neat:)

  4. Really? I don't remember that red outfit, but she looks like a cute little elf in it! :-)


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