5 months (and one day)

photo by W.Killinger

Wow, I have been living in PA long enough to be writing ANOTHER month birthday post for Hazel!

Things are really heating up for Hazel while winter wraps its hands around us. This month she has begun to roll/flop over and to giggle. However, she really holds out on those new skills and we rarely see/hear them. She's also getting strong and will spend chunks of time on her belly with her head and feet up (such a skilled yogi!), she can sit on her own for a few seconds before tilting (TIMBER!) and judging by the drool and fierceness with which she chews on her hands, teeth are just around the corner. She may be holding out on giggles, but she has a HUGE smile that she's willing to flash at anyone who tells her she's cute. Quite the flirt (must be her father's DNA!).

She still likes to eat and sleep about every 3 hours, but can tough it out between midnight and 6am to give her mama a nice rest (except for every other night when she cries out for her feeding and due to her stubborn nature, it takes her awhile to realize that I'm really NOT coming!).

She's definitely in a mama phase. On one hand, it's pretty awesome to be someones absolutely favorite human. Yes, my parents and husband adore me, but there is something uniquely wonderful about being Hazel's end-all-be-all! On the other hand, she can be quite inconsolable (just WHERE did she get this stubborn streak?) when I try to leave the house for an hour or two. We know that she recognizes her dad, but when she wants her mama- she is serious about it! So, though this phase is inevitable, we are going to start giving her regular no-mama times in an effort to help her be more flexible. I'd love to go on a date with my hubby or snag a drink with a friend and not spend the whole time imagining her screaming her head off!

(side story: last week Jake took her home after church while I stayed for an hour long choir practice. I returned to a quiet house and eventually found them upstairs. Hazel was lying naked on the heated floor of the bathroom while her daddy was staring at her with a glassy eyed expression drinking a brewsky. After an agonizing hour of trying ever trick he knew to quiet her screaming, he was attempting to soothe her by preparing a bath and learned that she was happy as a clam just being naked. Sorry future Hazel, but it's the truth... you little exhibitionist you!).

I'll end this post with a picture of our happy little elf. (the hat was a souvenir from a Saturday Market in Seattle, the shirt was picked up when her dad and PapPap Kosker went shopping (in an attempt to even out her girly, pink wardrobe) and the felted booties are an Aunt Marianne speciality!)

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  1. I can't beleive how quickly she is growing!! I love her sweet smile!


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