My big sis wrote a Thankfulness blog. Seems extremely appropriate for the season, eh? My head literally SWARMED like locust in the Middle East with things I am thankful for. I bet y'all can guess my Numero Uno (hint: rhymes with Basil).

However, I'm gonna boil it all down to this: I am THANKFUL for security (and Benjamins).

Over two years ago, Jake and I had just finished our big move out west. We were fresh out of school and excited about our adventure. We had lived on student loans and small work-study stipends for 2 years and our bank account was scary... in fact, I don't think the bank considered it an account. When my new employer told me that it would be two months from the time I started working to the time that first paycheck was in my pocket, my knees buckled. There as NO way we were gonna make it. So, we ate humble pie and asked my parents for another loan. It felt like SUCH a big deal to me each time they put $100 into our account. (they were so gracious about the whole ordeal- thanks ma and pa! yes, we paid them back promptly!)

Living in our new city, we discovered this GREAT grocery store (WINCO) that had super low prices. The catch with the place is that you have to pay with cash/debit and you bag your own stuff. No biggie... except we had no cash! What a cruel world it is when you can't afford to shop at the cheap grocery store (yeah, cheaper than Wal-Mart!).

Then one day early in my career, there was a sweet anonymous note and $100 bill in my school mailbox. Now, there is just a small group of wonderful people who knew about my predicament, but I never tried to figure out who my anonymous angel was because that was what they wanted. The relief that that gift brought was immense! My coworkers also pulled together and gave me a nice gift card for that store on my birthday that September.

Once again, we have been without a paycheck for an uncomfortable amount of time. However, this time we were prepared AND our bills are extremely low (we live on my parent's property and I work for them in exchange for rent). So, even though my bank account is happy, my tummy is full, and I am warm... I remember the value of a $100 bill and I am thankful for the kindness of an anonymous friend who helped me out so long ago.


  1. That grocery store sounds very similar to Aldi's. You have to bag your own groceries and pay only debit or cash. We love it b/c you can't beat the prices! And I could care less about name-brand items!! If you have one in your area, you should really check it out :) We save a ton on groceries!

  2. It's amazing where a 100 dollars can get you if you try really hard to stretch it!! I rememeber you telling me that story! Thank goodness for kind people:)


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