Dear blog, I'm sorry that I have been ignoring you. The only computer always at my fingers is an old, creaky desktop. Though there are 3 laptops floating around, none of them ever seem to be available for little ole me. So here's a quick update on my week:

Good news: Jake made it safely to PA! Thanks to his dad for taking the time to help him load up and drive across the country. He's a better man than me ;)

Great news: We just got back from a 4 day trip to Jake's hometown. Hazel got to meet her Uncle Josh (and he got to change his first ever baby diaper!) and her Great-Gma Kosker! Hazel also got to meet our dear friends, the Tosts and interview their two sons for possible courtship in the future. Throw in meeting Jake's Aunt Mary Lou (one of the people reflected in Hazel's middle name) and Aunt Vonnie as well as spending some quality time with 3 of her grandparents... it was a wonderful trip! However, just like her mama, Hazel does NOT sleep the first night in a new place. I don't know how she can tell a difference 'cause she had been in her travel bassinet for weeks, but she surely let me know that her routine was affected!

Other news: Last night I finally agreed to make Hazel sleep in her crib. I've known for quite awhile that this would as hard or harder for me as it would be for her. For her entire life, she's slept with me or within arms reach in a bassinet. And yes, I frequently pet her and hold her hand throughout the night. I'm in love, it's my only excuse. So, with the help of Jake, I stayed in my bed (maybe with my teary face buried in pillows) while Hazel cried, screamed, whimpered, and SLEPT! When I finally fed her at 6, amazingly we all fell back asleep for a few HOURS! Guess no one got much sleep. One night down, two more to go (everyone says that it takes three nights to teach a babe how to sleep through the night). My mom just told me that she thinks Hazel is a stubborn as me... she sounded oddly pleased at this... HUMPH!

Now, to finish organizing our apartment and PREPARE FOR THANKSGIVING (my favorite holiday 'cause we spend it with Ape (mom's college roomie), Dick (looks like Steve Martin), Whit (their daughter and one of my dearest friends), and Drew (who laughs at all of Jake's jokes)!

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