my father's hands continued

FINALLY... I have the pic to go with this old post.

HUGE, right (his hands...and her cheeks)? Last night Hazel fell asleep with her head resting in her Grandpa's hand. Just like her mama used to do when she (I- in case you're confused) got tired after dinner.

Needless to say, Hazel has been getting lots of love since moving across the country! There are still many more people and relatives to meet, but the girl only has so many hours in a day. Since my hubby is away on a hunting trip (a mighty successful one!), I am REALLY appreciating the help I'm getting by living on my parent's property. I'm almost as spoiled as Hazel (however judging by the growing number of gift bags piling up around here, I'd say she's winning by a landslide)! Hazel does enjoy her solo play time, but she also loves to be held or entertained. Without my parents help, I think Jake would have come home from his hunt and found a wild beast in his wife (not THAT kind of wild beast ;)


  1. That picture is one to enlarge & frame in her room. Beautiful!!!

  2. Speaking of "wild beasts" it was great to see Jake and his friend this morning after they stayed with us last night on their way home from hunting! Jake seemed a little tired & sore after his week in the great outdoors...not his typical energetic self. Made me miss you:)

  3. What a sweet pic of your dad with her:) She clearly loves him!!

  4. Love those chubby baby cheeks!

  5. Love this blog triangle we've got going on! Well, more like a rectangle.
    Just wanted to say that Hazel is the best name for your girl. My Great Grandma Hazel lived to something like 94 and was a total sweetheart.


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