designed for ME

I've always wished that I had a personal designer. I would love to call someone up, describe the perfect pair of shoes/dress/nursery decor, and have them MADE! It would save me so much time because I always have something VERY specific in mind and have to trudge store-to-store looking for something close to what I've envisioned.

My sister does not understand my obsession with owls and birds. Now I have PROOF that I'm hip and trendy and I'm suffering from a MAJOR case of the I WANTS...

Time to warm up the old charge card! Thank you Pottery Barn, I will forever be a loyal shopper (now how about a discount for blogging about this?).


  1. my PBkids catalogue came yesterday and i saw this-LOVE it! i love the little owl plush dolls. and those sheets.

    why don't you learn to sew? then all your wildest dreams can come true ;) i bet your mom knows how...and now that you're nearby...

  2. Lizzy- I can make square things on the sewing machine... maybe it IS time to branch out. Or I'll just continue to beg my sewing-queen sista to make me everything I can't find in stores :)

    UPDATE: I promptly ordered a nice little collection for my Hazelnut! Can't WAIT to put it all together (though I have a few months to wait till I FINALLY have a real nursery).

  3. Send me the link . I'll hook you up. I already had an owl plan for Christmas. Why would you go and spend money on this kind of thing right before Christmas??? Why oh why???

  4. I love this!!! It's super cute and perfect for Hazel!! By the way, I had no idea you were obsessed with owls and birds.... nor did I know you were so hip and trendy;)

  5. Pottery Barn has a really cute Owl doormat...I thought of you when I saw it!


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