4 months of bliss

Happy 4 month birthday Hazey Mari! Hazel seems like such a part of me, I can't believe I lived for 28 years without her.

This month, Hazel has focused on ab crunches. She wants to be sitting up and looking at everyone. So, if you try to lie her back in your arms or on the ground, she will work her abs in an effort to sit up. She also has begun cooing! It sounds more like "ahhooo" in the sweetest sing song voice. When she is in a good mood, she will try to hold a conversation. I'll speak, pause, and she'll coo, repeat until mama's heart melts and swoops her up into a cuddle.

She is definitely past the colic phase. However, when she's around a large group of people, she becomes over stimulated and is quite inconsolable. Fortunately, once again the sling SAVES THE DAY and she can stare at her mama or sleep.

It's a beautiful warm fall day in Pennsylvania. As usual, I forced Hazel to have a photo shoot when she wants to be napping, however Hazel takes after her father and is very happy when wearing her birthday suit. The girl sure knows how to work it!


  1. what a sweetheart! I love the pic of her in the cap. . . It's adorable!

  2. Super cute photos! She looks much happier than she was at her 3 month photo shoot:)


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