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The post title may have led you to think that this is ANOTHER post about Hazel, it's not. It's about HOME (duh!).

Over the past few days, there have been some MAJOR decisions made by my family. In a nutshell (a Hazelnut perhaps), my grandparents are moving out of their house and into a stoekli (a Swiss word/concept. It means that the older generation is giving up their home and farm and moving into a smaller abode on the property). This is such a huge change for my grandparents and my parents who are quickly erecting a home for them beside my parent's house. This new home will have many less steps, will not get snow/iced in, and they will not have to continue the huge amount of work it takes to own a large home and property.

When I first heard about this new plan, I was excited. I'm THRILLED that my grandparents are not moving into an assisted living facility. For one, they don't need that yet and two, that would totally change their lives. They will be able to continue their activities and it will be extremely convenient for my parents (and the Kosker's) to pop over for a visit or carpool. They want to jump on this idea before winter really sets in... that's maybe a month away!

Last night as I lay in bed thinking over this new plan, I was flooded with memories that I didn't realize I carried. Crystal clear memories of my grandparents and that house:
*Sitting on my bed brushing Gma's hair as she reads me stories.
*Sitting at my Gpa's feet getting a face massage (have never had a better one!)
*Running down to my Gparents house (I grew up on the neighboring property) and peeking in their bedroom window to see if they were napping or if I could come in (in hindsight that was probably really annoying!).
*Sitting on my porch on summer evenings and hearing them practice their flutes on their outside platform (heaven)
*Going on walks with my Grandma through the woods and running ahead so that I wouldn't have to kiss her and my sister under the kissing tree... and then reluctantly returning when Gma noticed.
*Visiting my Gpa in his garage shop. The smell of oil mixed with Wrigley's always makes me think of him. Plus, he listened to COUNTRY music in that shop... a fact that blows my mind. This is a man who listens to Classical music constantly and can identify every composer/conductor/piece. My mom actually hid the first Rock n Roll album she ever bought 'cause she thought she'd get in trouble!
*Running upstairs to grab the tube pillows and then lounging on the floor while we all watched slide shows and laughed at how young everyone looks while eating pretzels and peanuts out of small blue bowls.
*The Christmas wreath that Gpa hung upside down about 70% of the time even though he tried really hard not to.
*Stopping by their house every morning on my way to catch the bus and seeing Gma in her huge blue fluffy robe.
*Exactly where I was in the house the three times my Gma scolded me (I just realized that I've never heard her yell! What a mom!). I remember what I did each time too and I admit that I deserved the scoldings (and my sister probably deserved the punch too!).
*The kitchen where Gpa would kiss Gma and make her giggle.

I could go on for infinity. I was so lucky to be raised next door to my grandparents. They really helped to raise me. My grandfather played in the pit of the musicals that my sister and I starred in. My grandmother nursed me through every childhood illness. My grandfather babysat us every Monday night and entertained us with stories, old fashioned games, and then sent us to sleep to the sounds of his flute...

What a wonderful life I've had.

So, I'm sad. Soon, their belongings will be moved out of their home. I can describe every aspect of their house with probably 97% accuracy- right down to where Gma has her incoming and outgoing mail sitting. I'm not ready for them to leave their house. However, the memories I have are so crystal clear and plentiful. I wish I could turn back time... except I'd have to sacrifice Jake and Hazel. So, I'll stay in the present and share my memories with Hazel as she makes her own memories with her great-grandparents in their new home.


  1. Julie! That is so sweet!! I'm glad to hear that they won't be going to an assisted living facility. Hazel will have great memories with them no matter where they live!

  2. Thats sounds just wonderful! So so wonderful. I envy your wonderful childhood! And the beautiful continuation of all that love for yourself, Jake and Hazel!

  3. YOu have such a wonderful memory..and are so good at writing. This touched me..unbelievably. I can picture each occasion,. But why didn't I know when Gma had to scold you? I may have to do it now just to prove a point :) Wish things could change (Hazel..Jake) AND stay the same. Alas...never will happen. BUt we are certainly blessed.

  4. I enjoyed reading all of your memories. I love your grandma's dirty jokes! Love the picture!

  5. Beautiful memories...brought tears to my eyes.
    I don't know if I ever told you this, but you are the reason I was willing to take a chance and build next to my parents.
    Thanks for sharing!!!


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