these pumas were made for walkin' and that's just what they'll do

Today the Haze and I walked at least 30 blocks. My legs are feelin' the burn! I want to walk as much as possible throughout downtown because if life goes as planned, these will be my last few weeks in which I can walk to a bookstore or coffee shop. So today I did both with Hazel in her wrap.

To be truthful, I also needed to get some exercise because I've been injecting ice cream into my arteries like it will bring world peace. I've been laying off dairy for awhile now (not completely, some cheese is necessary for quality of life) and we bought ice cream for company last week... I can't keep out of it! Not only that, but I actually made an ice cream booty call the other evening after Jake went to work (thank Heavens I can walk to the store!). However, I AM wearing my dojo jeans that were purchased pre-pregnancy in a very tight size. Granted, the spandex in them will never recover, but I'm wearing them!

On that note, let me just say that I've never been more accepting of my body then I've been for the past year. I think y'all know how much I loved my preggo belly and the self-acceptance has continued. It feels so wonderful to finally be content with my body. Granted, I still cringe in dressing rooms when you get the honest truth under florescent lights. But when I see my flaws, my first thought is "this body CREATED A HUMAN" and I love it.
Back to the topic: It was so wonderful to stroll through Salem, see the beginning signs of fall, and enjoy the kindness of strangers as most people can't help but smile when they figure out what the huge bump hanging off my front is. I expected to notice this during my pregnancy and did not. However, with a beautiful baby, strangers go out of their way to show kindness. Doors are held open, smiles are given, and more often than not, conversations are started. It's heart-warming. If you saw this person, I think you'd smile too...

How cute is she in her hooded sweater? Fall weather has arrived and yesterday we had our first fire in our wood stove. The smell was DIVINE! I had forgotten what that smells like. Though I have a dresser and closet STUFFED full of clothes that were gifts for Hazel, I had a surprising discovery yesterday. She is getting really close to outgrowing her newborn sizes (mostly because of her ginormous cloth-diapered bottom). So, I went to the closet to assess her 0-3 month clothing and there was hardly any! It seems that people bought her nb sizes OR 3month + sizes. Very sensible, but it was a shock to realize that I needed to go shopping! Jake and I were ridiculously excited to get to pick out a few articles of clothes for her. Did you read that... JAKE was EXCITED to go SHOPPING (by excited I mean, willing to go and actually interested in the activity... not like my level of gleeful excitement)! I couldn't believe it! Turns out shopping for his daughter is fun for him. WEIRD! So we bought her a few warmer BIG (0-3 month) items. The hooded cable-knit sweater is my favorite. Jake's on an anti-pink mission and I'm on a cute-girlie mission. This item fit both of our criteria.

These photos were taken directly after our 3- hour walk. I plopped Hazel down in her bouncy seat so that I could take off the wrap. She was due for a feeding and I fully expected an explosion of crankiness. Instead I was gifted with smiles! They are still a rarity, so I felt really lucky. After her feeding she continued her good mood and I was gifted with a few of her new coo-like noises and smiles. Of course, as I write this she's crying on my lap, she's having a little trouble falling asleep.

Wow, this is the post-o-tangents. Let me make it up to you by posting a totally irrelevant pic. This is Hazel in the sling that my Aunt Amy made (she used a super cute nut-themed fabric for our Hazel-nut).Yesterday I took her to my old school and every single person commented how she looks like me. I don't see it and man do I hope Hazel got her dad's nose! Do you see those baby blues?


  1. Sounds like a great walk!! Yay for baby smiles:) That sweater is precious!!

  2. Awww. She's really cute. I'm in love with her. I can't wait til she can coo my name! :-)

  3. I think that Hazel really does look exactly like you...and so does my mom! Those blue eyes are beautiful!!!

  4. I was just scrolling down your page to see if anyone else had updated their blogs (you should feel super special since yours is the only one I book marked!!). Anyway, I can't get over how bright blue Hazel's eyes are in that white sweater! Amazing! She's so beautiful!!


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