an insult in sheep's clothing

Remember the Chicken of the Sea post? That was your first insight into my cooking prowess. It's been suggested that I should change my name to Betty (Crocker) or Rachael (Ray). I think I could easily slide into the name Julia (Child).

Due to our rapidly approaching move, we've been trying to empty our pantry, fridge, and two freezers. I'd rate our success at about a 6.

So, for tonight's dinner (a very special dinner that precluded Jake's LAST night of work), I decided to take a cue from my husband and bro-in-law, Christoph. These manly chefs often open cupboards, pull out random ingredients, and make me a feast (good enough to serve for Festivus for the Rest of Us!).

Here's what I found tonight: frozen ground beef, garden potatoes, homemade tomato paste, and garden tomatoes. Visions of Wendy's baked potatoes with chili floated in my head! However, as usual I didn't start thinking about dinner until 1/2 hour before we needed to eat. I quickly Googled "how to bake a potato" (make fun of me and I might start censoring my honesty) and learned that it takes an hour to hour and a half to bake a potato. I learned that you can microwave a potato fairly quickly, but alas I do not have a microwave. HUMPF!

So, I GENIUSLY sliced the potatoes, drizzled on some olive oil, and threw them in the oven. Then I browned the meat, threw some water, tomato paste, and tomatoes into a skillet, and waited for my hubby to wake up (he works night shift and sleeps during the day). In his usual fashion, his first thought of the day was his stomach. I proudly told him about my creativity.

His response: "Well, that makes me look forward to tomorrow's dinner."

Wow, he must be really impressed by my creativity and resourcefulness! He's looking forward to my next pantry cleaning masterpiece!

Naively, I asked him what he meant. My pride was looking for an ego boost.

His response: "'Cause it will be anything but that!"


In conclusion, I would like to state that the dinner wasn't that bad (oh, he asked me to prepare some noodles 'cause he wanted nothing to do with that topping on potatoes). However, I just cleaned the table and neither of us were members of the Clean Plate Club... a rarity for my garbage disposal husband!


  1. Oh Julie thank you for a lunch time giggle! I won't tell you all that I giggled about because I enjoy your honesty:)

    Points for being creative! Heath would be so sad to hear you didn't have Zero food waste! At least its no longer in your cupboards!

  2. Liz (Drelick) ReevesNovember 4, 2009 at 11:22 PM

    Julie -

    I must admit I am guilty of googling similar cooking tasks (and maybe that exact task) in the past. The fact that we are willing to put in the effort is what counts right?


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