Family tree love

Today I discovered that 2 of my cousins have started to blog. I'm SO excited about this! It's pretty fascinating how my relationships with friends who blog and/or are on facebook have grown. These online communities help us to connect in ways I never imagined possible. Yes, there are drawbacks, but for a girl who DESPISES talking on the phone, these online communities make it possible for me to stay in contact and learn more about the people in my life.

Michelle and Kristin were the only cousins I had within a driving distance growing up so we've always had a special relationship. I'm so glad that I'll be able to glean more insight into their lives and thoughts now (though we may all be within driving distance in the near future! YIPPEE!!!) So, welcome to the blogosphere girls! Prepare to be stalked by me :)

I know, it's hard to believe that I'm related to these gorgeous girls! Is there any wonder why I want to claim them on my family tree? (another perk of facebook... I stole this photo off of Michelle's page :)


  1. and you're not going to share their addresses? Rude!

  2. I kid you not...i also despise talking on the phone! Maybe a family trait?! haha...good to keep up with you via the wonderful world wide web!


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