FALLin for you

Between the intermittent rainstorms and a new fall outfit that she's going to outgrow any second ("oops" says this compulsive shopper who is still figuring out baby sizes), I had to take a few pics when I could... right before nap time. Therefore Hazel was NOT happy and absolutely refused to smile or even stop crying. The best part is that she's old enough to see me from far away, so no matter where I walked (used telephoto lens), she was giving me the stink eye. She's one smart pumpkin!

However, as soon as the torturous photo shoot was over, she was in my arms and calm and went into her bassinet without another peep! That's such a huge improvement that I need to pinch myself (OUCH!).

In the photo, Hazel is sitting with a FEW of the gourds her dad grew this fall! We have an entire tub full of them!


  1. Even when she's grumpy, she's so beautiful!!!

  2. She looks like she is kind of smiling in the first picture!! (maybe you could remove the redness from around her eyes?;)

  3. Haven't been on your site in a while and Hazel's gotten so georgous! Takes after Mom & Dad. I was just thinking the other day that if Jake would like to stop in Pendleton on his moving trek across the country he is more than welcome to stay with us. Just let us know. We will miss you being close (relatively) but are happy for you that you're going "home".


Oh how I L.O.V.E. comments! Thanks for taking a walk on the (koskersidle)WILD side :)