3 months and still (finally) smilin'

WEIGHT: 11lbs, 5 oz

Ignore the drool, focus on the uber cute hoodie (thanks Aunt Kathy). Hazel is playing underneath her IKEA gym. She doesn't purposely hit the danglies, but does it accidentally and loves it! I can let her hang-out here for a small chunk of time and she smiles and "talks".
A quick photo shoot. Oh my gosh this girl is adorable! She wouldn't let me get the shot of her lying on her side, but you can see how she actually looks HAPPY from time to time now! Validation is a wonderful thing for a sleep deprived mama :)

SO BIG! It's a little chilly out, but I wanted one more photo session outside. So, no naked or diapered baby. Clearly Hazel wanted to get this picture over with as quickly as possible. She just went through a HUGE growth spurt! She now weighs about 2x's what she did when she was born. I finally boxed up her newborn sized clothing. BROKE MY HEART! It was tempting to continue to squeeze her into those clothes because I'm emotionally attached to them. However, I don't want to miss the window of her wearing 0-3 month sizes!

Wowsers. I'm a day late, but it's true! Yesterday was Hazel's three-month birthday. This morning we listened to a voice mail from Grandma Orris- I put it on speaker phone. Hazel smiled and then drooled. Clearly she thinks Gma's birthday song was a little goofy. That's what happens when your Gma's a music teacher.

It's been THREE months and though it's extremely typical- I admit that I can't IMAGINE my life without Hazel. I know I had a life before her, but I could never go back to that life/ person I was. Before she arrived, a lot of people told me that it takes 6 weeks with the baby to feel like you've found your groove. BOLOGNA! It definitely took me all three months. It wasn't until recently that the pit of dread in my stomach before bedtime subsided. Granted, one 5-hour chunk of sleep is the most I can hope for. But, our nights are finally (usually) predictable.

It took me three months to figure out that her fussiness is usually an indicator that it's time to put her down for a nap (I know, that's probably obvious to everyone else. "SHUT IT", I say to you!).

It took me three months to (ahhh... fingers are convulsing) realized that my mother was (ahhh... my heart is pounding and I just threw up a little bit in my mouth) RIGHT about putting Hazel down in her bassinet (and it took me 28 years to admit that my mother can be right sometimes). The first month I felt that it was cruel to place her on a stagnant (non-moving) surface and leave her alone for huge chunks of time. The second month, I thought that I should hold and console when she was fussy. The third month, I desperately needed some freedom and have mastered the skill of leaving a crying baby in her bed. Low and behold she (usually) takes longer naps! Happy baby, HAPPY MOMMY!


  1. just FYI, boxing up the clothes doesn't get any easier! i'm constantly thinking, "oh haven can wear this one more time, then i'll pack it up." if it weren't for season changes i think i'd probably be shoving her into her cute summer clothes even longer! i'm dreading the day i know i'm done having kids and have to part with it all for good.

  2. 3 months. . . already! It's amazing!


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