What I did for love...

the flood gates opened, and this mama grabbed the camera instead of the baby ;)

For the past 24 hours, I have been on what is called: THE ELIMINATION DIET. Also for the past 24 hours, I canNOT get that song from Chorus Line out of my head (refer to Title of post). You see dear Koskereaders, Hazel has the official COLIC stamp of approval from our Doctor. To quote from the internet site of Dr.Sears: "Colic is a five-letter word for 'I don't know'." After reviewing numerous articles about colic, I'm not sure that Hazel fits the bill. She is fussy A.L.O.T., but it seems more related to being held and bounced (or more accurately, the absence of).

Oh well. I'm relieved to know that this isn't normal, maybe I'll consider breeding again in the future. I also still love her, it's my husband who has been on the chopping block when I'm exhausted and cranky myself ;)

Now I will complain about the elimination diet. I'm going to try it for a few days to see if it has an impact on this little goddess. Is it horrible that I kinda hope it doesn't? I'm not eating wheat OR dairy! Life without bagels, ice cream, cheese? Ideally, we'll discover that only one of those things is causing the fussiness. I could give up one, but both!?!?!?!

Here's what I ate yesterday:
B: oatmeal, heavy on the brown sugar and raisins
L: rice and sliced boiled potatoes with olive oil and rosemary
D: rice tortilla with a few pieces of free-range turkey, squash, pear juice, and 6 (indulge much? don't judge.) fake oreos

Here's what life was like this morning:

her new hair product is P.yuke. only high-end stores sell it. don't even bother trying to find it!

Hazel is just as fussy as before. Darn, I was hoping for immediate results! She sleeps well through the night, but needs to be held, cuddled, and bounced continuously upon waking in the morning. I did get her to play under her gym for a few minutes. She even swung her arms around and was rewarded with the movements and clanging of the pieces of the gym! Hopefully soon she'll be able to do that on purpose. After those few minutes, the flood gates opened and her screaming began. All I had to do to soothe her was pick her up and PRESTO- she's calm! I was still exhausted, so I took my calm babe back to bed with me for cuddles and a nap. I awoke to a chest smeared with vomit and laughed at her 'cause it was all in her hair!

Now she is snuggled in her Sleepy Wrap on my chest taking another nap. Thank goodness for this wrap! She cannot fuss in it longer than the time it takes to get her in it. Currently, she's breathing out her nose loud enough for the cat to keep walking over to check on her. Very cute!

we still love each other, but I'm taking apps for a Nanny position (will pay only in P.yuke products)


  1. oh, i'm soooo sorry. i totally feel your pain. nash was a super fussy dude around 1 or 2 months old. everyone said it was colic, but i said that if that was colic, then there wouldn't be that many people roaming this earth. i wanted to murder him-shaken baby is a real thing! oh, how i hated those days. turns out he had/has acid reflux/GERD. once we got him on prevacid it was like night and day. i hate that he's on medication, but i hate the screaming much more! hope you get it figured out and that you can still indulge in cheesy, chocolate, gooey things!

  2. how about one of those motorized baby seat/hammock thingies?? It might be worth a try.
    And, Hazel can keep the p.Yuke to herself. Funny, though.

  3. I don't know who to feel worse for... You, Jake, or Hazel! Ugh! Sounds miserable! Good luck with her “colic” I hope that her fussiness calms and you guys get some peace!


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