two months... already? only?

2 months stats
Weight: 7lbs 11 oz (started at 5lbs 11 oz)
Head: 14" (started at 12.5")
Height: 20.7" (started at 19")
She's itty bitty (still doesn't fit in all of her "newborn" clothes!), but growing at a good pace!
This pic doesn't do justice to those baby blues. They started out more navy and continue to evolve. They're so gorgeous...sigh.
Yes, the lighting was way too bright, but I wanted to get these pics done TODAY and while she was in a good mood...WAIT. What happened? I think that it's fitting for her 2-month pic to reflect what our life has been like lately :) Actually, "the beast" as I sometimes call her, has really improved the past 2 days. Yesterday was her first (and likely only) day at Day Care and my dear friend who has the business- CURED her! Honestly, I don't know what she did, but Hazel's been more agreeable since. Yeah, she got a little upset during the photo shoot, but twice today she's napped ON HER OWN! She's been sleeping for the past hour without a pacifier and without her mama's chest to nuzzle into. For $3.20 an hour, I might spring for miracle Day Care again ;)

Still doesn't do her eye color justice, but gives you a better look at her eye and hair. This is how she fell asleep and is currently napping. I propped her 1/2 on the Boppy pillow because I'm paranoid that she's not working her neck muscles enough. I quickly grabbed the camera because she was using her arms and pushing way up, but then she collapsed and within seconds was sound asleep. Well, at least I found a nice nap position for her! (please don't warn me that she's gonna suffocate by sleeping on her belly. she's not. and I do check and kiss her frequently... no wonder she wakes up a lot!)


  1. She looks so serious. I love her little pointed chin. I love her.........

  2. me, too. Especially when she's giving the gpa orris evil eye! :-)

  3. She's adorable!

    Both my babies were belly sleepers. :)

  4. Julie she is more beautiful every month!! Great pictures!! I can't wait to meet this beast... I mean bundle of joy;) Glad to hear Day Care went well!!


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