I covet, but not my neighbor's wife

I came up with a unique idea the other night while trying to decide how to get the word out on things that Hazel needs (a relative term). Now, this pint-sized princess doesn't need much thanks to the abundance of the wonderful WELCOME TO THE WORLD gifts she's received, but nonetheless, word is that there are people still wanting to buy her gifts and as my mother has informed me, Christmas is coming! (those last three words just excited my sister more than is reasonable. that girl LOVES presents!)

Since my blog is accessible to everyone and really only read by my mom and sister (I dare you to leave me a comment and prove me wrong!), I will be posting the things that Hazel and I are currently drooling over. My hope is that this will be used by the people who buy us gifts to get ideas of our tastes. As always, I'd prefer second-hand and HOMEMADE gifts. So, if you look at something (the owl for Hazel) and think "I could make something owl-like for her"... that would rock Hazel's socks off (yeah, she could use some more of those too).

If you think the list is greedy, well then just don't look at it! If you're worried about more than one person buying a gift- don't! I doubt anyone will actually use this list. Jake for one refuses to buy me anything off of my yearly "birthday wish list". I continue to make them regardless! If you're still worried, just contact Jake regarding gifts for me or either of us regarding gifts for the Hazel-nator.

Tuna Out!


  1. I am neither your mother or your sister... and I just read your blog. So eat it!

  2. you know i'm reading...i just suck at commenting. sorry...

    p.s. if you care, they are selling tickets for the 10 year right now-it's october 10 or 11 i think. let me know if you want more info. (i'm not going-too much money to fly me and the kids out for "the kegger we've been looking forward to for 10 years." really? i'm also kinda turned off by how lame the thing is going to be. their main planning priority was whether people could wasted and not have to drive. ugh.)

  3. I just think it's hilarious to look for newborn size mittens...in organic cotton!!!! Not to mention...OWLS! Poor, poor Hazel. Come to Grandma.

  4. I think it sucks that I'm so predictable. . .
    Is Christmas just around the corner? ;-)

  5. i just caught up on months of your blog... that should count for something! i read it ;) i wanna meet the Hazel-nator!


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