eliminating the elimination

Update on the elimination (AKA: starvation) diet:

I'm SO over it! I lasted 2.5 days on rice, rice products, pear juice, and fake oreos. I was hungry, dissatisfied, and grumpy. Last night, the 3rd night of this craziness, was Hazel's worst night in weeks! A change in diet should be a least semi-noticeable within 36 hours. I'm gonna remain light on the dairy because that seems to be the most common problem for little ones, but I've eat a small amount of cheese TWICE today! YUM!

As I type this, she's pushed herself back in the Sleepy Wrap so that her head is resting on my inner elbow as I type. She's studying my chin so intently while showing me her repertoire of mouth movements. How can I even think that she isn't this calm, adorable, and sweet all of the time?

And... cue sad face... add whimper... and now the cry... (off to stand, bounce, and hope that something entertaining is on my one tv channel!)

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  1. Sorry this elimination hasn't worked for you. Good luck!!


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