The countdown has begun

In exactly ONE MONTH, the Haze and I will be boarding a plane bound for Pennsylvania (Jake will be following a few weeks later with all of our possessions). We will be leaving Oregon and starting a new life in Venango County. I am SO excited! Our move to Oregon was always meant to be a 3-5 year adventure before returning to PA. We've only been here a little over 2 years and I've loved it, but I am definitely ready to move back.

Jake was the one who settled on Venango County, the place where I was raised. Initially I was shocked, but we lived there for 2 years previously and fell in love with the area, being near some family, and have a group of amazing friends there (more precisely, within a 2.5 hour radius).

Yes, I will miss the ability to quickly travel to numerous ecosystems (coast, desert, high mountains, valley, vineyards ;) , however I'm trading that for the ability to get to a gorgeous hiking trail in 5 minutes! Living in the Willamette Valley, you have to drive at least 45-minutes to get anywhere stellar to hike. That's not ideal for a couple who avoid their car like it's a nosy neighbor.

Oh, I'm leaving those behind too! NO MORE NEIGHBORS says this hermit housewife! Yes, we like our neighbors and even have shared dinners with the Mexican family across our back fence without understanding each others' languages. However, I'm sick of having to close blinds, I'm a little freaked out why someone knocked on the door last night when the car wasn't in the carport and after I yelled "I'm coming"- no one was there, I'm tired of all of the sirens, I need some SPACE!

Our plan is to live in an apartment on my parents' property for awhile while we shop for our dream property. Living on one income, it may be a little difficult, but we are ready to settle down. Jake NEEDS land to farm (though he has done an impressive job with our tiny city lot!) and I NEED to own the walls that protect us so that I can paint them COLORS! I'm so tired of rental white, cream, beige... My walls are going to be ridiculously colorful for awhile :)

I find it a bit amusing that I'm moving back right before winter. Winter has been the number 1 thing I've been happy to be far from. However, the idea of spending an evening next to my parents' wood stove, mug of tea in hand, with the outside lights on to watch the snow fall... well, that sounds like heaven!

Yes, our life in Oregon was awesome. We have been very lucky to meet a lot of amazing people. However, there's been a big void in my life since moving here. I think I didn't really commit to the area because I knew it was temporary. Plus, there's the issue of everyone we meet has their families near-by and many other friends. So most of our dinner parties have been with people over 50. Not that I mind the age gap, I don't. But, I miss the frequent dinner parties we threw while living in PA in which a dozen old and new friends show up (some younger than 50) and we enjoy good foods, games, gossip, and indulgence!

Most of all, I'm looking forward to Hazel spending time with her 6 grandparents, 3 great-grandparents, uncle, and our close friends. There's nothing more important than family and apart from my sister and b-i-l, everyone near and dear is on the east coast. It's where we belong!

Here's a pic of where I'll be this winter. The photo is a little drab and somewhere I have some gorgeous photos of my parents' house lit up from the inside with icicles glistening outside. However, this more accurately reflects a PA winter :)


  1. Oh Julie! Im so happy for you!! i wish I could be going back there myself!! Nothing is better than good ol Venango county :)

    -Erin O.

  2. I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!!!

  3. yeah, back on the east coast. a tad bit easier for an eargle road trip. safe travels.

  4. Julie, I'm happy for you. It sounds like your move is well thought-out and you're going where your heart is. Reading this, I was struck by how different each of our goals and dreams are - no wrong or right answer, only what's right for you. Good luck. I'm sorry I'll miss seeing you in the northwest, but maybe when we're in PA!

  5. Yeah!!! I'm so very excited. Mike and I are moving back to PA (Butler to be exact) mid-November...but I haven't made an official announcement since work doesn't know yet (so it's still a facebook secret). Anyways, I'm so happy that you, Jake, and Hazel will be around (and near Butler). I can't wait to meet Hazel. And I think Mike and Jake will get along great, they seem to both be men of nature! Anyways, if you can't tell, I'm super psyched!!!


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