ready for anything...

This artist clearly thinks that only large chested women will ascend to the heavens. I might just breast-feed forever to ensure my salvation. KIDDING!

While I'm not gonna start making a "Rapture Ready Kit" (don't steal my dad's brilliant/all-in-jest idea! I won't share all of the details, but here's a glimpse: Spam and name tags written in Aramaic. Hey, we're good Lutherans and the book of Revelations is Holy, but...well... our Pastor once gave a sermon about how horrid the "Left Behind" series is.), my husband is stock-piling to prepare for, well... anything.

I think it's his way of caring for his family while entertaining himself. Friends have often said that if grocery stores ever disappeared, they'd want to live near Jake. He is the ultimate hunter/gatherer. In fact, a reporter from our local newspaper (the state capitol's newspaper) just came to the house to interview him about his Urban Scavenging (more on that once the article appears in the paper... oh how I hope she doesn't write about any of his questionably legal hobbies. Rereading that I feel like I'd like to point out that I'm not talking about drugs.).

This week we took a road-trip to the coast where he bought a LOT of fresh tuna from a fisherman. He also recently bought a $200+ canner. (@&^^%#*&#*&!!!! No, your eyes did not deceive you. This is the ultimate home canning machine. It's construction reminds me of my dad's old Cherokee airplane. Back to the subject at hand: ) Do you see where this is going? Soon, the Kosker's will have their own home-canned tuna!

I find my husband fascinating. How other people feel about staring at a great painting, that's how I feel about life with him. He's an anomaly and he's all mine! My father-in-law was just visiting and he often comments on what an amazing match his son and I are. Talk about the ultimate compliment (I can't imagine anyone ever coming close to matching Hazel's awesomeness. Please, you didn't think I'd write an entire blog entry without mentioning her, did you?). I look at myself and other than temperament and joie de vivre, I see tons of differences between Jake and I. However, I've begun reading "Self-Reliance: Recession proof your pantry" while I sit on the royal throne. Perhaps my father-in-law was more right than I gave him credit for?


  1. you need to move to utah-we mormons are all about self-reliance and food storage and gardens. there are about a gazillion food storage companies here. it's pretty awesome-canned honey is the latest product i've seen that blew my mind.

  2. I cna't believe that Jake is canning his own Tuna!!! That's amazing! When you guys move back he has to meet my friend Kristen (she's my farmer friend) I think they could learn A LOT from each other! And it would be highly entertaining to observe:)

    I'm glad you guys found your perfect match. You guys are really cute:)


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