Going Green!

Ok, at the risk of this blog turning into Jake Kosker's Biggest Fan site, I really want to share this with our readers:


Keep in mind that this is on the FRONT PAGE of one of Oregon's biggest newspapers (we live in the state Capitol).

Back in the day, I didn't think being in the newspaper was any big deal because I was in it quite a lot. However, that was a SMALL town paper which publishes stories and photos about every citizen's accomplishments (for example during my Senior year: Homecoming Court, District Chorus, District Band, Regional Chorus, Musical, Prom Court, Prom Queen, Senior Awards...there may have been more, but I think I've bragged enough. haha!).

I think it's wonderful for youth to be recognized and I'm looking forward to raising my daughter in a place where she will be recognized for her achievements- whether she goes the music route or not (fingers and toes are crossed on that one!). However, even in a small town, it's rare that an average citizen has an article written about them because they are unique and interesting. So, read the article and come to grips with the fact that I adore my hubby and like talking about that in this forum ;)


  1. prom queen? seriously? wow. i'm going to make fun of you a lot for that.

    the article about jake is super cool!!

  2. Nice work Jake! And I'm with Banger you will be made fun of for that;)

  3. Way to go, Jake! We're proud of you. I just gathered some high-bush cranberries. I don't really have enough to do anything with them, yet. But into the freezer they'll go. Now I know what I'm looking for, I'm going to try to get more.


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