dada day

Today Jake claimed Hazel for a "dada day" (we are competing for her first word, so I constantly say "mama" and he says "dada" to her... a perfect formula for her word to actually be "poo").

Did I run errands? Did I tackle my Thank You notes? Did I scrub the ever-rejeuvenating scum on the shower floor? Did I cook dinner? Did I create beautiful flower arrangements from my awesome rose bushes? Did I call old friends? Did I pay bills? Did I start a novel and take a long nap? I think you all know me well enough to know the answer to those questions ;)

As a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), I'm probably a B+ (all the lovin and cuddles have to count for something!). I have not reached the competence level of caring for Hazel AND cooking. Today Jake made a gourmet dinner of tuna steaks, swiss chard and rice. To be fair to myself, I did feed Hazel and then cuddle her for an hour so that Jake had the time to cook.

After dinner, Jake prepped her bath (as I fed her... it's exactly every 3-hours like a Swiss clock during daylight hours. Her Swiss family must be proud!) because she had a few days of spit-up caked on her cheeks and between her chins (yeah, that's plural). Then he gave her a bath with his annoying wife hovering and offering "helpful" suggestions about the "right" way.

After her evening bath and meal it's DANCE PARTY TIME. A little somethin' I started a few weeks ago. It's cardio for me and amazingly lulls her into a calm- near sleep state. Did Jake play Hazel's usual dance music (Blueberry Pie is her favorite song)? Nope, I discovered them dancing to this:

Oi Vey!
(someday, I hope Hazel sings "My parents are real nice people, mfers" from "Everyday Normal Guy"!)

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  1. Haha! Awesome! Some I'm going to go ahead and guess here that you read a novel and fell asleep... That's what I would have done anyway;)


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