1 beautiful, life-changing month

Sleeping Babes :) A new morning ritual when Jake gets off night shift.

The "Sleepy Wrap" or "man womb" is AWESOME! Jake feels like he has good quality time with her and she gets to sleep, see the world, and cuddle.

I'll be taking a similar pic each month on her sheepskin so you can watch her grow!

Trying to replicate one of her newborn pics.

Can you see the ridiculousness of the huge cloth diaper? The rose matched the diaper cover, but when I gave it to her to hold, she flailed it around and so we were left with only petals :)

A blur. That's how everyone describes the first months of their child's life. "Right on" says this kinda tired, kinda frumpy, kinda sore mama! I'm hoping that in month #2, I'll begin brushing my hair...

I've been writing her birth story for A MONTH now! WHAT! I can't believe I haven't finished it. However, I'd rather cuddle, feed, or even wipe Hazel's tush then sit at the computer screen. Even with my mom here, I couldn't find the time to work on the blog. So, forgive me! Hazel and I are gradually finding our groove and I'll be more regular with my postings. I mean, I hate to think of the pain you must feel simply waiting for an update about this amazing creature ;) (I recommend joining facebook for oodles of pics... Whitney and Kelly!!!)

Hazel has a pretty great temperament. However, she cries before a poop and boy does she poop A LOT! The books say that there should be at least 4 bms every two days... how about every 2 HOURS! We just switched to cloth diapers (they look hilarious on her tiny frame... in fact, I think she's gonna be bow-legged) and she's staining them faster than I can say "JAKE...wanna hold her?"

She's still itty-bitty and swimming in the New Born sizes. But oh is she BEAUTIFUL! Her eyes have cleared up and she has these moments of zen-like clarity in which she'll just gaze at whoever is holding her. She's also getting pretty strong with her head movements. My mom helped me spread Hazel's feedings out, so she now goes regularly 3 or even 4 hours between feedings (start to start). That's really helping me to become human! Yeah, she's already above average! However, I cannot PHATHOM (spellcheck tells me that that isn't a word... isn't it?) having more than one child. I can barely eat a bowl of cereal and I only have 1 and she basically sleeps all of the time!
It's been a great month. I've learned a lot, experimented many techniques, and learned that I will NEVER judge another person's parenting philosophy again :)


  1. Jul's she really is beautiful and gets prettier by the day! I'm glad things are going so well for you guys!!

  2. Sounds like you're a great mom. I don't think it's easy for anyone. . . but I'm sure you're awesome!
    Keep up the good work. She's super cute and I love those blanket-over-the-head shots. SO cute!

  3. by the way, according to your pea-in-a-pod, you still have 3 days to go! And she's already been here for a month! How nuts!

  4. Wow...what a beautiful girl! Love seeing the pic's and hearing how things are going. When you're ready for a road trip remember we're here and would love to see you.

  5. is it fathom with an f?

    i want to see this lovely child in person. come home!!


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