What's growing in our garden?

Our yard is SO beautiful, if I may say so myself! It's been a little too hot to spend much time in the garden lately, but when I go out in the morning or evening I'm shocked at how much life is blooming!

Let's play "where's Waldo". Can you find: Broccoli, Peanut the rabbit (who we're trying to get pregnant again 'cause her babies have all been eaten... YUM), Snap Peas, Adult Quail in their cage, 1 week old Quail Chicks, Pickel the cat, a forest of Potato plants, Green Peppers, huge heads of Lettuce, a Blooming Cactus, my favorite Dusty Purple Rose, Pansies, a growing Kosker Fetus, and more???

Our garden is suffering a bit this year so we won't be having tons of tomatoes and lemon cucumbers like we did last year. But our peppers look tasty, Jake his first ever successful broccoli and we will have TONS of potatoes! The sugar baby watermelons are beginning to look promising and I'm already salivating thinking of them! Of course, there's a lot more going on out there, but it's Jake's thing and I really can't claim much credit for or knowledge about the garden :)

p.s. If you click on the picture collage, you will see a bigger version of it. Just use your "back" button to return to my blog.

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  1. How fun! Jake you've done a great job with the garden! Julie you make the best collage's!


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