pretty like a rose

photo by S. Everitt. edited by J-ROK

The title is a line from a lullaby that my mom and Grandma K. used to sing to me. I've been humming the melody to Hazel, but don't remember all of the words. Fortunately, my mom will be here in a week and will reteach me her lullaby repertoire (in her spare time from the list of projects I have waiting for her! mwahaha!!!). In the meantime, Hazel's favorites are "Lullaby" by Billy Joel, "Edelweiss", and the dozen that Jake and I make up every time she's awake :)

It's been over a week and the fact that I'm a MOM is still quite a shock. I'm trying to take things easy and I spend most of my time with her feeding or sleeping on my chest. It's heavenly. Despite the fact that she sleeps about 20-22 hours a day, I feel pretty drained most of the time! I've always been one that needs her sleep and so adjusting to be awake every 2-3 hours is tough.

I still plan to write about her birth experience, but I don't feel quite ready yet. For those of you who want to see lots of pics of Hazel, you need to join Facebook! For the rest of you, I'll post on here as often as I can (though it's hard to juggle a feeding baby and using a laptop... which I'm doing it right now!).

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