What's in a name?

Oh, such an important task to name another human before meeting him or her! I think some of you don't believe that we still haven't decided on names, but it's painfully true. We started going through the book of 60,000 names and now I understand why Peekaboo Street's parents let her choose her own name!

I am drawn to old-fashioned names. I want something unique, but not weird. Jake is drawn to tom-boy names for girls and Harry Potter names for boys (he denies this and in fact never read the books, but with Neville and Percy on his list... it just seems too coincidental).

Every once and awhile, one of us (usually Jake) comes up with a name that we both LOVE. Every single time after our initial excitement and relief wears off, we realize that it's an "er" name. As in "Jasper" (JaspER KoskER... a little much???). Ahhh, I love that name SO much! Plus, it's one of the most common minerals in Oregon. I'd love to have an Oregon connection to the name. Which brings me to another quandary. The only girl name that we've been able to connect to Oregon is "Hazel". Hazelnuts (also known as Filberts) are everywhere in Oregon and probably the state nut (I don't feel like researching this, I just think it is). However, when there is a 99% chance that the girl will have blond hair and blue eyes, can you name her Hazel?

We have less than 50 days to figure this out. If we don't, I'll just revert back to my initial idea: name our kids after the characters in The Sound of Music! BRILLIANT, eh?


  1. ah, the naming. oh so hard. luckily for me steve is pretty easygoing and lets me decide! even then, i only ever came up with two names for each kid by the time they were born to decide between. actually, i decided haven's name when i was pregnant with nash, so that was an easy one! just FYI, you don't have to name the baby before you see it-they nurses will try to tell you that you can't leave the hospital before deciding, but that's not true. and you can always name it baby kosker and change the birth certificate later. that's what my parents did with my brother-only they waited till he was 18 to change it to andrew! ha. imagine my 6'3" brother taking his birth certificate saying "baby martin" in to get his driver's license. anyway, good luck! i like hazel-and i think it can work no matter what she looks like.

  2. also, not to make your life more difficult, but i always try to consider what the names of my future kids might be, too. because (i think) the names need to sound good together when named in succession. just as a first name and last name need to. so i like to mix up the number of syllables and the word endings.

  3. I think a name is SOO important. Zoelle Hazel actually means "Tree of Life."

    Remember Mike and Jennifer Brown from MUC? They named their Daughter Daphne Zoelle. Well, we told them all along if we ever had a little girl we would love to use her name, as long as they didn't mind. Of course they were honored.

    As for Hazel, my grandma's name is Hazel, and ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to name my daugther after her.

    Zoelle Hazel Mirth- a name so suiting for my sweet little tree of life. And our little one had blonde hair, and I am sure she would have had blue eyes. We actually debated on Hazel Zoelle or Zoelle Hazel.

    Have fun picking the name for your little bean! I am sure you will find the perfect name! Hugs

  4. Hey Julie,

    I was reading your blog and McKenzie wanted me to tell you that you should name the baby McKenzie if it's a girl...she says it would fit two of your criteria - McKenzie is a river in Oregon and you could call her Mac to suite Jake's tom-boy tastes. She also said to tell you that Layla would be a good girl name (just because she likes it).
    We're very excited for you guys and hope we'll be able to meet your sweet baby soon.


  5. the baby naming game, what fun for parents. i think it is amazing how much you think you and your spouse have in common until this phase in your marriage comes around. AMAZING the difference in name tastes.

    anyway, i challenge you to start a paper list or even a word document with the top 3 or 5 boy and girl names (if you can narrow it down to that few). i think when you see the names together things will start to click and who knows maybe you can combine two of your favorites. once you start saying the names on the list the right one will come to you.

    good luck! and i love the desire for it to have an oregon link. hazel and jasper are both great in my book!

  6. I can only imagine how hard it is to come up with a name! I think it's ok if you don't have something picked out. My parents didn't have mine picked out... well they had lots of ideas then changed it to Shannon after my dad heard someone yelling at their daughter in the elevator... not exactly romantic but my name works well for me (at least I'd like to think so!). I LOVE the idea of going with an Oregon connection... I also like that Jasper is a mineral (yeah I'm a dork;). I like how it goes with Kosker. You could always throw a middle name in there that isn't so ER if you are worried about that but really I like the way it sounds! Hazel is really cute too!

  7. I think it's interesting that Jake found very British names... It reminds me of when we biked in England and kept hoping to find a "Nigel". We never did..but I got Nigel socks just for the occasion! On BBC tonight, the announcer was "Clive". Wonder if Jake likes that one too :)

    Of course I remember when you wanted to go to Penn State, cuz you like blue and white!!! Okay. You were 10.

  8. Ha ha! I saw Nicole's comment and had to laugh because JP really wanted to name our baby Mac if it was a boy in honor of Mcminnville and the Mckenzie. No worries, we are in the same boat. We pick a name and stick with it for about a month and then find a big flaw with it. I'm just worried that I will pick a name that I won't like for very long. Good luck. Keep us updated!

  9. You guys will figure it out. Don't worry. For what its worth, I really like both Hazel and Jasper. I agree with the other comments, that you definitely don't need a name before the baby comes. We had Maura's picked out for a long time and when she came I couldn't imagine her being named anything else. However, what if she had come and then I hated it and had had the name picked out for six months! So, you never know. You guys will know when you come to it. Good luck!

  10. I think Mo is a great name for a boy or girl. Or what about Penelope? Or Spike? There are so many bad possibilities. I think both Jasper and Hazel are awesome and can't wait to monogram something for my little nephew/ neice. Then again, Liesel, Gretel, Curt and Franz are good names too! :-) Good luck. We'll love the bugger no matter what the name is!


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