one cool town

A week ago, the Kosker's were off for a mini vacation to Seattle. Seeing that city was one of the many things on my list of MUST DO before moving!

We only spent 3 days there and were probably just really lucky with what we chose to do and the people that we met, but I now have a new favorite US city! It's artsy, down-to-earth, interesting, and full of farmer's markets and public gardens in cool neighborhoods.

We stayed in Hostel Seattle in their adorable room-for-two. We saved a little money, met cool people, and enjoyed the neighborhood of Ballard.

One of the highlights was attending the Summer Solstice Parade... which begins with 500+ naked/body paint covered bicyclists. An old friend of mine, E. Hilton, was participating in the parade but we didn't see him... or so we thought! Many of the bicyclists were themed and one of our favorites was the "Police Officers"... so now I have a pic of E. in his "spandex outfit" (hint: he's the one without breasts).
Another favorite of mine was the two twins who are retirement age and had painted very real looking bike outfits on. The Hostel owners had offered us a tandem bike to use. Much to Jake's disappointment, I refused... however I do have plans for some pregnant belly paint at the upcoming Oregon Country Fair!!!

Jake's favorite float was the Flying Spaghetti Monster. We HAD to chase it down so that he could get a photo with it :)

I also fell in love with the University of Washington. My friend, E., is a PhD student there and was putting on a private Planetarium show for some of his non-astronomy genius friends. Though I have never been to Oxford, I felt that the campus had that kind of feel. GORGEOUS!

Each time we drove or rode a bus downtown, we passed this HUGE "P-Patch" or public garden. On our last day there, while waiting for high tide, we went to the local farmer's market, bought a picnic lunch, and headed to the garden. I think we surprised some of the people tending their plots... tourists in the garden- how novel! I can't believe it isn't more common. It was gorgeous and inspiring!
Other highlights of the trip included the crowded Pike's Place Market, dinner served when a bucket of crab, shrimp, potatoes, corn, sausage... is dumped on the table, romantic dinner at the Pink Door, riding a ferry, riding a bicycle rickshaw, a tour of the Seattle Underground, and Jake borrowing the Hostel owner's wetsuit and having a successful first snorkeling session, but not successful crabbing session. (more photos will be posted on facebook).
Despite the crazy feet swelling from so much walking and driving in the car, it was all in all, a fabulous "babymoon" vacation :)


  1. Sounds like a great mini vacation! I'll definately put Seatle on my list of places to visit! Have fun at the Oregon State Fair!

  2. wow. sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad to hear it, though we missed you at Sadie Cove! :-) Next year!


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