30 weeks of gratitude

The Baby Shower Gang (minus the three token males who were great sports about it all)!

I cannot believe it, but I am finishing up my 30th week of pregnancy! I feel like I should get an award or something (ok- I'll wait 10 more weeks for the ultimate prize!). Seriously, I'm too much of a hypochondriac to take any of this for granted. I am so excited/ relieved/ happy to have made it this far! Jake is mega adorable and literally glowing! He enjoys chatting with the baby, feeling kicks (it's worse than a 10-year-old at Christmas), and as of yesterday- watching my belly shake, rattle, and roll during the baby's evening active time. We're pretty sure this baby is going to be running ultra-marathons with his/her dad by the age of 7- it is extremely active at times.

This Saturday Jake and I participated in a 5k (he walked, I waddled) and for the first time I found myself propping up my stomach with my hands. It just gives a little relief. My leg/pelvis joints SCREAM at me most days, especially after long walks. But I really need to step-up the physical fitness so that my (hopefully) natural labor will go as smoothly as possible (not to mention I want to rebound to my pre-wedding waist size).

As for cravings, I cannot get enough lemon lime GATORADE! It's all I want to drink (if we're not counting wine). I'm trying to limit myself, but this baby knows what it wants! I also am craving sweets- no comment about how limiting THAT is going.

Today a good friend threw me a fantastic baby shower. My colleagues really came through for me and showed me just how many wonderful friendships I've made in Oregon. It was a blast! I requested a wine- themed shower and let it known that I LIKE baby games! It was a brilliant combo because the ladies were much more willing to guess how many squares of toilet paper it takes to cover my belly when their hands were holding a wine glass :) Seriously, I am overcome with gratitude. When Jake and I were unpacking our loot, I was more than a little teary- but that's all hormones, right?

Cheesy picture that I plan to use for Thank You cards... I really like it though :)


  1. I think you are correct. In addition to the active time, any baby that craves Gatorade will be a marathon runner! And good thing since he/she also wants sweets!! Julie you look GREAT! You are all belly!!

  2. okay. this is a very nice blog entry and the picture is cute, but cheesy as heck. Christoph thought you were reaching for your g-spot. That's just how his mind works. .. I can't apologize for him.

    Glad to hear that the party was a success. You look great!


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