who needs Brad Pitt?

Santiam Pass, Oregon. This is one of our favorite drives from the boring valley through the mountain pass to the desert... all in about 2 hours!

Kevin unwinding from his Master's Thesis (Geology) on the Metolius River.

Seriously, this boy must be related to Snow White!

Taking up a new hobby. Blow the pic up to see the line zipping through the air. So cool! (kinda makes you want to get into those waders too, eh? ok, that must just be me!)


I just got to spend a long weekend with Jake (hubby) and Kevin (best bud who has an endless repetoire of stories to tell me about my husband during his single vagabond days!). Look at these pics and try not to feel jealous of my luck :) I am very lucky that my husband has cool friends. And by "cool" I mean that Kevin was an eager slave to the pregnant girl for an entire mini vacation :) Seriously, I just had to mention a craving or an ache and I had two guys brainstorming how to make my life better. I think I did pull my own weight: I happily camped without "facilities", I kept my aching hips and ligaments to myself (at least 50% of the time), and I happily let them fly fish for hours on end (a good book made that pretty easy).

I just looked through the pics that we took on Kevin's super techy camera and found out that he had declared himself a photo journalist of my huge belly. That's awesome because I am in love with my belly. However, there are quite a few shots of Jake and I walking away... we are so antisocial. Plus, with all those high quality shots of my rear, it was a bit of a wake up call! EEKS!!!!
Neskowin Beach, Oregon

A little preggo spelunking :) Skylight Caves (a lava tube!).

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  1. Yay you guys went to the lava tubes!!! Looks like some similar destinations from my trip:) Hopefully Kevin had some great Geology lessons for you guys! That picture of you and Jake at the top is to cute.


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