Two girls and their babies (kinda)

Mother's Day weekend took me to Chicago to spend time with my mama and our best girls, April and Whit. It was so wonderful to see these people and spend time with my mom. Definitely a huge pick-me-up and the last time I'll see these women until after I have my own babe! I have to say, they spoiled Baby Kosker rotten... but at least he/she will be a bit more stylish!

I like this pic because I see that I've become my mom: when you travel, dress in neutrals with cool jewelery and wear your favorite comfy shoes (for Orris women that would be chaco flip flops or mary jane crocs... we love our style!). The cute bags you see were provided by our friends. Each day Whit dug a color coordinating purse out of her "closet" (actually a full size room) for me and April gave us fun polka-dot shopping bags so we could be green.

I took this picture especially for one of my favorite bloggers. A Glimpse of Us used to live in the same adorable suburb that Whit just moved to and she even worked at the high-end baby store directly behind my elbow (no, Baby Kosker isn't so spoiled that I bought anything there!)

It was truly a wonderful trip! I only wish my legs didn't turn into sausages during the flight and that I could have spent some time with our men (even if my dad... and Jake and Dick and Andrew... would have been miserable shopping... which would have made us miserable... MEN!).
Posted by PicasaYou may not be able to read my pin, but it says "Wine makes mummy clever"... HA!


  1. What a cute belly showing dress!! I love the pin too:) Looks like you guys had a great weeekend!

  2. julie- what a great pic in our old stomping grounds. i hope that you had a fabulous time in geneva. i'm sure you didn't have any festival corn dogs or fried twinkes this time but sure you had an amazing experience. alan was actually in oregon for a day this past week, but was strictly biz while there. excited that the babe is almost here. take care and we'll be in touch.

  3. Awww! How cute! I wish I was there, but I'm so glad to hear how much fun you guys had!
    love you!
    Oh, and you look adorable!


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