the nursery (or "nest")

Since we rent our home and plan a move in the semi near future, prepping the nursery hasn't been as exciting as I initially envisioned.

No cute crib with coordinating bedding (mom Orris plans to make it for us out of some awesome Amy Butler fabric- though I think the deal is that we only get it after we move home ;) ). No trendy wall decals or paint. No bookshelf full of baby books, bears, supplies, and photos (ok, that one might happen before the baby arrives). My sister and I did repaint an old dresser and it is super cute, but that's the only thing that makes the tiny spare room a nursery. Come on female Koskersidlewild readers, doesn't the word "nursery" just bring out every maternal instinct you ever had?

Though the nursery is lacking in cuteness and supplies (panic strikes... until I remember that I should have 3 more months in which to gather the essentials. Funny how the week I found out I was pregnant I was gung ho to start stocking up and now that's it's actually time to get serious about shopping, I'm all "eh, I'll do it eventually".), it is not lacking in BABIES! Currently I have 15 baby quail living in my nursery :) They eat, sleep, poop, and that's about it! I find myself waking up at night worried if I don't hear any of them chirping and wishing I had baby monitors already :)

Farmer Jake successfully hatched 20+ quails, but the first few days were tough on the little buggers and we're hoping the remaining ones are here to stay. For the record, they will not be staying in my nursery for long! Jake has it worked out with the neighbors to put up a HUGE pen for the little buggers.
Here are 2 pics of our little babies. Sorry for the poor quality, I took about 50 of their rear ends because they move so quickly and 50 that were blurry 'cause that's how I roll.


  1. Those chicks are precious! I love how Jake is making use of your neighbors land in anyway possible! I'm glad you guys have friendly neighbors:)

    Also from what I hear you will go through a "Nesting" period and don't need to worry about getting your needed supplies until then. You'll be more than prepared when the time comes! You're going to make a great mom!!!

  2. I love them! And don't worry. Your nursery is really actually cute.
    Remember- live simply. That's what your nursery is now, and I love it.
    When can you start eating those little chicks? I hope that you don't get in the habit of eating the fruits of your nursery once my niece/nephew is born.


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