do surgical masks stop the spread of over reacting?

It's that time of year when things get a little wirey. I think it's because we all just endured a winter and our brains are having trouble adjusting to the sunny, flowery, happiness at every turn. In school, kids are either panicked because a whole summer at home is hell (there are way more kids that feel this way than you probably think!) or they are pushing the limits while being bound in by endless school rules.

Adults are not any better. With the added stress of all the lay-offs that my school is having to make, people are stressed, moody, and gossipy. I sent a simple survey email today and was shocked to get replies that had totally misinterpreted the point of the survey. The reactions weren't really negative, but clearly from people who are on edge and feeling pessimistic.

My last posting seemed to warrant a huge and well researched bash against Brad and Angie. I have a feeling it was not from anyone I know, but instead my blog came up during an internet search. It didn't make me mad, just shocked me how the title to my little online journal could entice someone to share their frustrations in such a passionate way.

So to all of my faithful readers, I want to challenge you to find the point of your life/ your reason for existence/ your passion. Focus on that one thing and let the little stuff remain little stuff. As for me, I may not have job security, a house, a car, all healthy relationships... but I have (and know) the most important thing and next to that, nothing else matters!



  1. namaste.


    you tell it, sistah.

    i love you.

  2. ps. post the bash. I'm curious to read it.


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