do surgical masks stop the spread of over reacting?

It's that time of year when things get a little wirey. I think it's because we all just endured a winter and our brains are having trouble adjusting to the sunny, flowery, happiness at every turn. In school, kids are either panicked because a whole summer at home is hell (there are way more kids that feel this way than you probably think!) or they are pushing the limits while being bound in by endless school rules.

Adults are not any better. With the added stress of all the lay-offs that my school is having to make, people are stressed, moody, and gossipy. I sent a simple survey email today and was shocked to get replies that had totally misinterpreted the point of the survey. The reactions weren't really negative, but clearly from people who are on edge and feeling pessimistic.

My last posting seemed to warrant a huge and well researched bash against Brad and Angie. I have a feeling it was not from anyone I know, but instead my blog came up during an internet search. It didn't make me mad, just shocked me how the title to my little online journal could entice someone to share their frustrations in such a passionate way.

So to all of my faithful readers, I want to challenge you to find the point of your life/ your reason for existence/ your passion. Focus on that one thing and let the little stuff remain little stuff. As for me, I may not have job security, a house, a car, all healthy relationships... but I have (and know) the most important thing and next to that, nothing else matters!



who needs Brad Pitt?

Santiam Pass, Oregon. This is one of our favorite drives from the boring valley through the mountain pass to the desert... all in about 2 hours!

Kevin unwinding from his Master's Thesis (Geology) on the Metolius River.

Seriously, this boy must be related to Snow White!

Taking up a new hobby. Blow the pic up to see the line zipping through the air. So cool! (kinda makes you want to get into those waders too, eh? ok, that must just be me!)


I just got to spend a long weekend with Jake (hubby) and Kevin (best bud who has an endless repetoire of stories to tell me about my husband during his single vagabond days!). Look at these pics and try not to feel jealous of my luck :) I am very lucky that my husband has cool friends. And by "cool" I mean that Kevin was an eager slave to the pregnant girl for an entire mini vacation :) Seriously, I just had to mention a craving or an ache and I had two guys brainstorming how to make my life better. I think I did pull my own weight: I happily camped without "facilities", I kept my aching hips and ligaments to myself (at least 50% of the time), and I happily let them fly fish for hours on end (a good book made that pretty easy).

I just looked through the pics that we took on Kevin's super techy camera and found out that he had declared himself a photo journalist of my huge belly. That's awesome because I am in love with my belly. However, there are quite a few shots of Jake and I walking away... we are so antisocial. Plus, with all those high quality shots of my rear, it was a bit of a wake up call! EEKS!!!!
Neskowin Beach, Oregon

A little preggo spelunking :) Skylight Caves (a lava tube!).


Two girls and their babies (kinda)

Mother's Day weekend took me to Chicago to spend time with my mama and our best girls, April and Whit. It was so wonderful to see these people and spend time with my mom. Definitely a huge pick-me-up and the last time I'll see these women until after I have my own babe! I have to say, they spoiled Baby Kosker rotten... but at least he/she will be a bit more stylish!

I like this pic because I see that I've become my mom: when you travel, dress in neutrals with cool jewelery and wear your favorite comfy shoes (for Orris women that would be chaco flip flops or mary jane crocs... we love our style!). The cute bags you see were provided by our friends. Each day Whit dug a color coordinating purse out of her "closet" (actually a full size room) for me and April gave us fun polka-dot shopping bags so we could be green.

I took this picture especially for one of my favorite bloggers. A Glimpse of Us used to live in the same adorable suburb that Whit just moved to and she even worked at the high-end baby store directly behind my elbow (no, Baby Kosker isn't so spoiled that I bought anything there!)

It was truly a wonderful trip! I only wish my legs didn't turn into sausages during the flight and that I could have spent some time with our men (even if my dad... and Jake and Dick and Andrew... would have been miserable shopping... which would have made us miserable... MEN!).
Posted by PicasaYou may not be able to read my pin, but it says "Wine makes mummy clever"... HA!


the nursery (or "nest")

Since we rent our home and plan a move in the semi near future, prepping the nursery hasn't been as exciting as I initially envisioned.

No cute crib with coordinating bedding (mom Orris plans to make it for us out of some awesome Amy Butler fabric- though I think the deal is that we only get it after we move home ;) ). No trendy wall decals or paint. No bookshelf full of baby books, bears, supplies, and photos (ok, that one might happen before the baby arrives). My sister and I did repaint an old dresser and it is super cute, but that's the only thing that makes the tiny spare room a nursery. Come on female Koskersidlewild readers, doesn't the word "nursery" just bring out every maternal instinct you ever had?

Though the nursery is lacking in cuteness and supplies (panic strikes... until I remember that I should have 3 more months in which to gather the essentials. Funny how the week I found out I was pregnant I was gung ho to start stocking up and now that's it's actually time to get serious about shopping, I'm all "eh, I'll do it eventually".), it is not lacking in BABIES! Currently I have 15 baby quail living in my nursery :) They eat, sleep, poop, and that's about it! I find myself waking up at night worried if I don't hear any of them chirping and wishing I had baby monitors already :)

Farmer Jake successfully hatched 20+ quails, but the first few days were tough on the little buggers and we're hoping the remaining ones are here to stay. For the record, they will not be staying in my nursery for long! Jake has it worked out with the neighbors to put up a HUGE pen for the little buggers.
Here are 2 pics of our little babies. Sorry for the poor quality, I took about 50 of their rear ends because they move so quickly and 50 that were blurry 'cause that's how I roll.